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Madagascan Ginger to spice up your Day!

Hurrah for March, the month when we climb from winter’s depths to bask in spring’s vibrant hues. Despite the temperature outside creeping upwards the spring months can still feel chilly, so I’m not packing away my warming essential oils just yet.
One of my favourite oil for chilly days is ginger (zingiber officinalis), described by the 16th centruary herbalist Gerard as being, “…of an heating and digesting qualitie, and is profitable for the stomacke…”.

The essential oil of this perennial herb is distilled from its rhizome, or underground stem, rather than the root as is often believed. It’s indigenous to South East Asia and happily grows in tropical climes;
Our current batch is grown and distilled in Madagascar. The Madagascan oil is quite characteristic and easily recognisable. It is sweet, sharp, bouncy and clear without any of the grassy undertone of the Indian and Nepalese versions of the oil. It smells and tastes just like candied ginger.
Rich in antioxydant, ginger has also strong anti-inflammatory qualities useful in case of arthritis, and asthma. Anti viral and anti bacterial, it is used to soothe cold and flus and digestive upsets.
Generally warming, energysing and uplifitng, ginger essential oil is an all-rounder.
Follow the link to our 2 delicious blending ideas to spice up your day!

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