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Best Sellers

  • Foot & Leg balm

    100% Organichand-made in house with Materia Aromatica certified oils A very light balm which will go a long way. It is formulated with light oils and butters which will leave the skin smooth and nourished w


  • Lip Balm: Orange

    10 ml 100% organic It is made of beeswax and a blend of cold-pressed vegetable oils especially selected to offer a long lasting barrier and protection. Our fomulation will soften and care from dry, chapped


  • Tissue Repair Oil

    100% certified organic ingredients Fragrance free Rosa canina (rosehip(, borago officinalis (borage), argana spinosa (argan), camelia sinensis (camelia), punica granatum (pomegranate), hi

    From £3.50

  • Tissue Repair Oil

    100% certified organic ingredients Fragrance free *Rosa canina (rosehip(, borago officinalis (borage), argana spinosa (argan), camelia sinensis (camelia), punica granatum (pomegranate), hippophae rhamnoides (

    From £3.50

  • Starter Pack - 12 Oils

    **Price includes 10% discount** A wooden box or a soft bag can be purchased separately **1ml:** Jasmine Grandiflorum **5ml:** Bergamot, cardamon, frankincense, geranium, ginger, sweet marjoram, orange


  • Nourishing NIght Oil - Nocturnal Mist

    99.5% organic 30 ml This night oil is designed to suit all skin types. It has a wide range of vegetable oils to nurture, soothe, heal and regenerate. They carry the therapeutic side of the blend whilst th

    From £4.00

  • Konjac Sponges

    #### 100% konjac fibre, from the root of the Amorphallus konjac plant * No colouring, no additive * 100% biodegradable * Member of cruelty free and certified vegan The natural alkalinity of the plant balances

    From £9.75

  • Cleanser - Citrus Squash

    100% Organic - hand-made in house with Materia Aromatica certified oils 2 sizes: * 15 ml for a trial or small gift * 50 ml for those who become addicted With Avocado and shea butter, fragranced with the

    From £5.60

  • Aluminium Jars - 10 ml

    EP lacquered internally to create a safe seal and protect your products Easily recyclable.

    From £0.60

  • 5 Hole Bag

    Designed to carry a selection of 4 x 50 or 100 ml bottles of carrier oils. It can also carry 2 or 3 x 30ml bottles.


  • Lilac Haze

    100 gr About 20 hours of burning time Fragranced with organic lavendin essential oil The candle brings the characteristic and floral sweetness of lavender into your home


  • Joie de Vivre

    100 gr About 20 hours of burning time Uplifting and harmonising, this is a blend designed to restore Joy, Contentment and Optimism With orange, bergamot, geranium, petitgrain, cardamon & patchouli


  • Buzz-Off

    * 100 grams * About 20 hours of burning time * Fresh, spcy and uplifting - to enjoy just for itself or to burn to repel undesired visitors * With coriander seed, citronella, lemongrass, may chang, peppermint &


  • Lip Stick

    Apply as desired #### Ingredients: Castor seed oil*, lanolin, Jojoba seed oil*, caprylicVcapric triglycerine, candlilla will cera, carnauba wax*, beeswax*, Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil*, maltodextrin, Vitami


  • Joie de Vivre

    6 gr 100% organic For enjoyment and happiness Each drop is packaged singly in its own bag with a colored ribbon and tag. **Directions:** Drop into the bath whilst running. The drop will dispense just the

    From £1.50

  • Cotton wool pads

    Manufactured from certified organic cotton Certified by Ecocert Embossed texture Pack of 70 pads


  • 16 Hole Bag - Lime

    4 x 4 Holds a selection of 5 and 12 ml bottles Made of cotton jersey inside and outside it comes in a choice of combination * Lime green outside / navy blue inside * Light olive green outside / navy bl


  • Stick

    To use, simply pass the stone under cold water (hot water will disolve the crystal more quickly) and rub on the skin. Alternatively the stone can be applied as it is on wet skin. A stick will last for over


  • Round Labels

    A4 Sheets of small round labels to fit precisely on the caps of the essential oil bottles. A real time saver: The labels are ideal to sort out your bottles and find quickly the one your are looking for. 117

    From £3.75