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Best Sellers

  • USB Ultrasonic Diffuser - Keylia

    Practical and discreet, you an take this ultrasonic diffuser with you and plug it in the usb port of your computer whether you are in the office, at home or even in your car.. It emits small jets of mist at re


  • Lisalia Diffuser - Sleep Difuser

    The lisalia diffuser is an ultrasonic diffuser that disperses a fine mist of water and essential oils into the room. It offers a choice of 3 programs to suit the needs of the sleeper and will switch itself of


  • Cotton Pads - Reusable & Zero Waste

    10 Make up remover pads made of GOTS certified organic cotton, reusable and 100% biodegradable. They are super soft 10cm x 10 cm sqaure of cotton fleece material. Just follow your usual skincare routine, usi


  • Inhaler Bamboo

    **100% eco-friendly.- no plastic.** Unusual and elegant, the inhaler boasts a simple and natural design of engraved wood and glass with a cotton wick - all recycleable materials. Perfect when on the move, y


  • Aluminium Jars - 10 ml

    EP lacquered internally to create a safe seal and protect your products Easily recyclable.

    From £0.60

  • 5 Hole Bag

    Designed to carry a selection of 4 x 50 or 100 ml bottles of carrier oils. It can also carry 2 or 3 x 30ml bottles.


  • Round Labels

    A4 Sheets of small round labels to fit precisely on the caps of the essential oil bottles. A real time saver: The labels are ideal to sort out your bottles and find quickly the one your are looking for.

    From £3.75