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As some of you may already be aware from the little snipets in our newsletters, I have a strong interest and passion for animals big and small and can't help but share with our readers their wonderful nature and the work I do with them.

We welcomed our first couple of Sebastopol geese. They arrived just before Christmas and have settled very well in the 3 acres of grassland that is their new home. They have joined our little flock of Indian runners. Sebastopol are easily recognised by the curly feathers that cover the whole of their body in a rich frothy display. It is an extraordinary sight which coupled with their stately walk and snow white elegance reminded us of ballerinas in their tutu. We named them Darcey and Rudi after the world re-known ballet dancers. They are young birds and don't have much to show for at the moment. The feathers will develop as the birds grow towards adulthood.
Early April, they became proud parents to 3 goslings who after 3 months of growing up are pretty much the same size as their parents. Two of them are smooth breasted but the third boasts a display of curly, crazy and determinedly unruly feathers all over his chest, his wings and back!

Oregano, Origanum vulage - An ancient healing plant

an you imagine pizza without a pinch of oregano? Or a rich pasta sauce, or a hearty winter stew? Oregano has been part of Europe’s culinary and medicinal history since ancient times. My favorite example has to be its inclusion in Apicius, a famed cookbook of Imperial Rome, where oregano is listed as an ingredient to enhance the flavour and digestive qualities of barley broth (Bown, 2001).


Its early popularity appears to have been widely endorsed by monks who cultivated the herb in monastic gardens, whilst regular folk scattered it on earthen floors of their homes. There are records of the herb being added to 16th century nosegays, worn to ward off the bubonic plagues which raged across Europe. Jump a few centuries and doctors were still prescribing this humble herb as a general health tonic in the 1800s (Hildebrand). Oregano is still used in herbal medicine and aromatherapy today, however it provides us with an excellent example of why you should always check the botanical names on your essential oil bottles, as this little herb is the source of much naming confusion….

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