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Oily Beauties - Vegetable Oils - Borage, St John's Wort & Avocado

Vegetable oils are the most commonly used base for massage. Aromatherapists often formulate oil-based formulations for clients and skin care product producers, particularly those making natural products, heavily rely on oils from a range of plants as core product ingredients.
There are many terms associated with vegetable oils: refined, unsaturated and filtered to name a few. Then there are the multiple nutritional benefits gained from consuming vegetable oils. Add that to the fact that these oils are interchangeably referred to as ‘base oils’, because they are the base which essential oils are added to; ‘carrier oils’, because they hold or carry the essential oils and ‘fixed oils’, because unlike essential oils they are not volatile and do not evaporate. Some suppliers even refer to them as simply ‘massage oil’. So…
Why should widen your selection of Vegetable oils?
Spotlight on Borage, St John's Wort & Avocado


As some of you may already be aware from the little snipets in our newsletters, I have a strong interest and passion for animals big and small and can't help but share with our readers their wonderful nature and the work I do with them.

Field Mushrooms, horse mushrooms, petit-roses as the French call them, regularly appear August/Septmber time. It is always a joy to pick these gifts of nature as they appear over night out of nowhere, Especially so that they are the only edible that survive at the field without goats, horses, alpacas, geese or chickens making a B line for them. My four and two legged friends all turn their noses up at the sight of the small white domes! Great News!
This year has been totally amazing and the harvest of wild mushrooms could have been deemed sufficient to start a side line to the business. In fact, they started making an appearance as early as July. They stopped during the heat wave we all experienced and re-appeared with renewed vigor and furor over the last 6 weeks.
There was no way i was going to leave this bonanza go to waste and i went on picking every night as many as possible. Not knowing exactly what to do with so many, i gave some away, ate some, cooked and froze others and attempted to dry the rest in the sun. I have no idea if the latter will be successful but it was better to give it a go than leave this bounty to go to waste!

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