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Hip, Hip Hooray for Rosehips!

Why every aromatherapist and natural skin care producer should know about rosehip seed oil

The Joy of Roses

If you grow roses in your garden you have probably noticed that they recently sprouted fresh new leaves. This growth burst should soon be followed by the appearance of delicate new buds, which will open into gloriously-scented summer blooms. If you have a dog rose (Rosa canina), or another variety of wild rose such as Rosa rubiginosa or Rosa rugesa, you can expect even more gifts. Come autumn, distinctive bright red fruits, commonly called Rosehips, will take the place of the faded flowers. As well as being cottage garden favourites, these hip-bearing wild roses can often be found gracing British parks, hedgerows and woodlands. Aromatherapists will notice that hip producing rose varieties do not include Rosa damascena and Rosa Centifolia, which give us our much loved rose essential oils, hydrolats and absolutes.

Greeting Card - Dog Rose

We are very pleased to introduce our first greeting card, designed by local artist Terry Bailey for Materia Aromatica. The cards are printed from an orignal drawing of crayons and ink on paper.

A beautiful representaition of Rosa canina, commonly called dog rose.
A well-known and widely spread inhabitant of our British hedges.
These delicate flowers produce red hips, the very same that make the headlines of this newlsetter.

We have also added a function to our check out process. When ever you wish to send a present and do not want to have the receipt included, you will now be able to select a card and write a personal message that we will add to your order and send directly to your loved one.
The choice is currently limited to this one card but we hope to be adding more in the near future once our artist has let out his creative colours flow!

A7 - 74 x 105mm

NEWS FROM THE FIELD - Winter 2021-22

As some of you may already be aware from the little snipets in our newsletters, I have a strong interest and passion for animals big and small and can't help but share with our readers their wonderful nature and the work I do with them.

WINTER 2021-22
Goats do not like wet ground and do not like having their feet wet. Infection settles easily bebween their toes when the weather is damp which in our English climates is a great part of the year. They will do their best at avoiding the wet, but eventually will in many cases fall victim of the damp which causes their feet to develop a condition known as foot rot.

Beau & Trouble experienced the ill-effect of the rain and ended up with infected and very sore feet..

Follow their story and find out the natural remedy that helped them to recover quickly and enjoy the use of their 4 feet without anymore impediment.

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