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Soapy Goodness – body & conscience cleansers

Palm free Hand-made soaps.
We have changed the formulation of our soaps to make them palm-free. We use cocoa and shea butter to replace the controversial palm oil. It has been a change forced by environmental circumstances which we are thankful for as it has transformed the quality of the bars we produce now. The combination of the cocoa butter and the shea added at trace has made our soaps silkier and softer than ever before.
Hand-made from start to finish, they are made following the cold process method that is the only way to preserve the therapeutic value of the ingredients.
Soap-making is a lengthy and time-consuming process. We do not bargain with the quality of the ingredients we use and the care we put in the various manufacturing stages. This makes our soaps extremely fragrant and unique on the market!

They come in 4 Fragrances, including our signature blend ‘Joie de Vivre’ & geranium, reknown for its calming and uplifting ability, featured in this month's newsletter.

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