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Learn about the properties, uses, benefits, method of extraction, aromatic description and safety information of our oils.

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Use our essential oils to make your own skincare treatments, moisturisers, butters, balms, face masks and remedies.

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Dried Herbs

We are now stocking a range of organic dried herbs and flowers. We are waiting to receive our organic certification from the Soil Association. The organic logo will be added as soon as the paperwork is all in order.

Blue Tansy

I love surprising clients with the vibrant hues of certain essential oils. Blue is never a colour which people expect to see in their blending bowl. From the greeny-blue of copper-distilled Sweet Inula to the depths of German Chamomile and the stunning hues of Yarrow and Blue Tansy, blue is a colour shared by several members of the Daisy family (Asteraceae)…
Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) is not as widely-used as German Chamomile essential oil, though it deserves to be! ...
it is steam distilled from the plant’s bright yellow flowers and buds. It has an enticingly complex aroma: sweet, herbaceous, slightly camphoraceous with an added hint of lemon and spice. Perfume-wise it's a heart note, adding strength to blends without overpowering the scent of other oils. ...
if we take a moment to look at its key chemistry the presence of chamazulene, found in levels of up to 38%, gives us a clue – it’s fair to assume that an anti-inflammatory action is high on this oil’s curriculum vitae…
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