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Learn about the properties, uses, benefits, method of extraction, aromatic description and safety information of our oils.

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Use our essential oils to make your own skincare treatments, moisturisers, butters, balms, face masks and remedies.

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Calendula - The Sunshine Herb

Many years ago I walked through the arrivals gate at Kolkata’s Airport to be met by an excited group of children who placed a garland of bright flowers around my neck. This was my introduction to India and to the tradition of presenting flower garlands on special occasions, in this case a new children’s centre volunteer arriving on a flight from London. It was also my introduction to the beautiful Calendula officinalis flower. Throughout the months I spent in India I became increasingly familiar with garlands of these bright orange flowers, often accompanied by strings of jasmine, being placed around people’s necks at conferences, theatre shows, weddings and of course as offerings to the Gods.

Dried Herbs

We are now stocking a range of organic dried herbs and flowers. We are waiting to receive our organic certification from the Soil Association. The organic logo will be added as soon as the paperwork is all in order.

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