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Base Cream Kits

Materia Aromatica do not supply ready-made base creams. Instead we encourage you to make your own because of all the benefits that it brings.

Creams are an emulsion of water and oils. As water and oil do not blend naturally, an emulsifying wax is needed to bind the two together. Because water attracts bacteria and moulds the formulation will need a preservative, if it is to be kept for more than a few days.

Products sold on the high street can have a shelf life of up to three years. In order to stay ‘fresh’ for such a long time they are packed with artificial preservatives to ward off bacterias and stabilisers to ensure the cream keeps its consistency, texture and colour so it does not disintegrate and separate over time.

Base creams need to be considered and treated like food - The best quality are those that are freshly made by yourself in your own home.

Here is why ...

  • Creams are very easy and quick to make.
  • The kits we supply include certified organic ingredients along with a vegetable base emulsifying wax and a natural preservative - strictly nothing else.
  • They are ready to use within minutes and will keep for up to 3 months.

Make them as you need them and you will have the best skin care you could wish for.