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Blending with Fragonia

The essential oil of Fragonia is clear in colour with a soft and gentle aroma. Slightly pungent due to its cineole content, it lets out a hint of lemon and the sweetness of honey. Its uniqueness lies in the balance of its molecular groups which gives Fragonia the power to instill well being on a pysical level and instilling peace and serenity on a pshycological level. It is an extraordinarily fragrance that has the power to restore calm and stabiiity in the body and mind when exposed to stressful situations.

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Posted in April 2019

Bath Bombs

An easy recipe to follow to make ideal treats, small gifts and your very own Christmas cracker fillers…

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Honey and Almond Mask

Easy recipe to try at home - ready in seconds! This mask is ideal for dry and mature skins and is 100% natural

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St. John's Wort seasonal remedy

This recipe can help you through the cold and shortest days of winter without feeling seasonal depression.

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Argan Soothing Eye Balm

This recipe is to help smooth out and prevent fine lines around the eyes. Below is our suggestion for an, easy to make up, soothing eye balm blend.

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Honey Face Mask

Ready in seconds and so easy to make, this will beat any face masks you can find on the market. It is guaranteed to refresh and lift dehydrated skin. Use for the face but also for any dry patches that can afflict other parts of the body.

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Tea Tree & Nail Fungus

Tea Tree Essential Oil is reknowned for its strong anti fungal actions. It is also one of the 2 essential oils that can be used neat. Tea Tree has very good results fighting nail fungus.

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Body Butters

Several easy to make, wonderful balms for the face and body.

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