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Vegetable Oils

The quality of vegetable oils is paramount when used in a treatment as a carrier for essential oils. When refined, they can have undergone up to 13 physico-chemical operations of “purification”. As a result of this, they have lost their vitamin E and F and have gained the ability to generate free radicals in the body after the exposure of fatty acids to heat.

Materia Aromatica vegetable oils come from carefully selected certified organic seeds and nuts. Their oils have been extracted by cold pressure on a small press turning at a low speed. They have gone through no refinement processes, have not been discoloured or deodorised.

Vegetable oils are a rich source of vitamin E. Usually low in saturated fats, they contain two types of unsataurated fatty acids in various proportions: mono-unsaturated (oleic-acid) and poly-unsaturated also called vitamin F. The latter is a powerful protector of the cardio-vascular system and an anti-cholesterol agent.