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Average Review: 5

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Persea gratissima

New Zealand

Cold-pressed from the flesh

100% prgamo content

Customer Reviews

4 Star Rating Moisturising but very stinky - 14 March 2020

Reviewer: Jessica from London

This oil is the only thing that alleviates my son’s chronic and severe eczema (even more so than prescribed steroids). It absolutely stinks though so if you’re just looking to get some vit e maybe buy the vitamin e oil!

5 Star Rating Great for dry skin - 27 October 2010

Reviewer: James from Canterbury

Had a client with very dry flakey skin and added some of this lovely dark green oil to the blend with very good results and long lasting improvement. He said this is the only thing that has worked after trying many expensive over the counter products. the blend used was 20% avocado, 80 % jojoba with one drop of sandalwood and 10 drops of 5% dilution rose otto in 10ml of the base. 

5 Star Rating The Best Avocado Oil - 14 March 2010

Reviewer: saman from crumpsall , manchester

I ordered Avocado oil and was very pleased to find it just the way I wanted. It was really moisturising with slightly green color . My skin felt alive again after using it . I would surely order again this amazing oil, as it seems to heal my dry skin . The delivery was really fast too . I got the oil next day .