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Special Offers

  • Ylang Ylang, Complete

    Conanga odorata Madagascar Organic - Soil Association certified The oil of Ylang ylang is distilled from the flowers of a tree which in the wild grows to a height of 20m. In its cultivated form, the trees are pruned every couple of months to force the branches to spread horizontally in orde...

    From £8.30 £6.64

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Defensive Qi

    Cajeput, Eucalyptus radiata, Niaouli, Pine, Ravensara & Tea Tree A powerful combination of oils useful for dispersing Wind Cold & Phlegm and for reinforcing the body’s Defensive Qi Directions: Use 1% of the blend in a massage oil (7 drops to a 30 ml bottle of massage oil or cream) Add 5...

    From £6.50 £5.20

    20% Off Essential Oil Blends - Defensive Qi

  • Eucalyptus, Blue-Gum

    Eucalyptus globulus Portugal Organic - Soil Association certified.

    From £5.85 £4.68

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Juniper

    Juniperun communis Yougoslavia Organic - Soil Association certified.

    From £8.65 £6.92

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Petitgrain

    Citrus aurantium Paraguay Organic - Soil Association certified.

    From £7.05 £5.64

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Basil

    Egypt Organic - Ecocert Resources Basil & Chinese Medicine

    From £7.70 £6.16

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Pomegranate

    Punica granata Asia Cold-pressed from the seeds Organic - Soil Association Certified Pomegranate goes way back in ancient cultures. It has been used for its medicinal properties for thousand years and has been part of religious traditions in many cultures including Christian's. The oil ...

    From £15.50 £13.95

    10% Off Vegetable / Carrier Oils - Pomegranate

  • Resourceful Strength - Muladhara (Base) Chakra

    Cedarwood ~ Sandalwood ~ Vetiver ~ Cypress ~ Juniper Resourceful Strength is a blend of oils rich in woody and rooty notes that serve to stabilise and fortify. Their power to restore the resourcefulness of both the Earth Element and of the Shakti life-principle empower us to endure and overcome...

    From £12.40 £9.92

    20% Off Chakra Blends - Base