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Special Offers

  • Mandarin

    Citrus reticulata Italy Organic - Soil Association certified. Mandarin essential oil is typically a golden yellow or greenish liquid with an intense bitter sweet, fruity and tangy fragrance with an uplifting and cheerful odour. The yield is approximately 0.7% and is cold pressed from the ri...

    From £8.40 £6.72

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Peppermint

    Mentha x piperita Hungary Organic - Soil Association certified Refreshing, airy, sharp, intense, slightly intoxicating, those are key words to describe the sensations of inhaling peppermint oil. It is so strong that indeed trace amount are often sufficient to perceive its powerful healing ef...

    From £6.70 £5.36

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Ginger - Madagascar

    Zingiber officinalis Madagascar Organic - Soil Association certified. Ginger from Madagascar is quite characteristic and easily recognisable. The oil is sweet, sharp, bouncy and clear without any of the grassy undertone of the Indian, Nepalese or East Asian versions of the oil. It smells an...

    From £10.20 £8.16

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Defensive Qi

    Cajeput, Eucalyptus radiata, Niaouli, Pine, Ravensara & Tea Tree A powerful combination of oils useful for dispersing Wind Cold & Phlegm and for reinforcing the body’s Defensive Qi Directions: Use 1% of the blend in a massage oil (7 drops to a 30 ml bottle of massage oil or cream) Add 5...

    From £6.20 £4.96

    20% Off Essential Oil Blends - 5 Elements

  • Eucalyptus, Narrow-leaf

    Eucalyptus radiata Australia Organic - Soil Association certified.

    From £6.65 £5.32

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Energize

    Cardamon, Ginger, Orange, Bergamot & Patchouli Just as it saysa blend to raise one’s vital energy and combat physical and mental fatigue

    From £9.50 £7.60

    20% Off Indian Head Massage Blends

  • Borage

    Borago officinalis France Cold-pressed from the seeds Organic - Soil Association Certified Profile on Borage oil

    From £8.30 £7.47

    10% Off Vegetable / Carrier Oils