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Special Offers

  • Frankincense

    Boswellia carterii Somalia Wild USING FRANKINCENSE Honey and almond moisturising and exfoliating mask

    From £10.90 £8.72

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Ravintsara (Ravensara)

    Cinnamonum camphora Madagascar 100% Organic conttent Formerly called ravensara THERAPEUTICALLY Ravintsara makes the ideal oil to use when there are coughs, colds, influenza and other respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis and otitis. It acts as ...

    From £7.30 £5.84

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Cardamon

    Elletaria cardamomum Guatemala 100% Organic content

    From £15.90 £12.72

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Chamomile, German

    Matricaria chamomila Nepal Organic - Soil Association certified. German Chamomile is an annual. It completes its life cycle from germination to flower and death in one season. It grows twice as high as roman chamomile. The flowers are white with a yellow conical centre. The yield is abou...

    From £11.40 £10.26

    10% Off Essential OIls (10.00% Off)

  • Basil

    Egypt 100% Organic ingredients Basil & Chinese Medicine

    From £7.70 £6.16

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Effortless Action - Kidney (Water)

    *Juniper, 19Cedarwood, Cypress, Thyme Thymol & Lavender * Poor stamina, lower backache, lack of motivation, inertia, low self-confidence, apprehensive anxiety

    From £7.65 £6.12

    20% Off Meridian Blends - Effortless Action

  • Blue

    Lavender spike, spanish sage, rosemary verbenone & carrot seed essential oils Blue - fresh, cooling and invigorating Blue brings together 3 blue flowers, rosemary, lavender and sage. With the clearing and cleansing aromas of spanish sage and rosemary verbenone, blue is cool, light and fre...

    From £6.10 £4.88

    20% Off Essential Oil Blends - Children's

  • Purify & Refresh

    Grapefruit, Lemon, Palmarosa, Cypress & Sandalwood A blend to help promote cleansing and detoxificationor simply to refresh and revive

    From £11.60 £9.28

    20% Off Indian Head Massage Blends - Purify & Refresh