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May 2022, posted by Isabelle

The rain has truly been horrendous over the last few months and it has truly felt like the doors of heaven opened on to us. As Asterix, Obelix and their contemporaries would have exclaimed in horror: “The sky is falling onto our headsl!!” This would have realised their worst fear.

As a result of the terrible dowpours we have expereienced, the river burst its bank, the drains serving the nearby road got clogged, diverting the waters down to our field, thus forming a vast expanse of water which we called a pond but some of our friends went as far as calling a lake!

Animals do not like rain and they all try in their own way to shelter from it. Horses will hide in their shelter or present their butt to the wind and hail. Alpacas will sit it out and wait patiently until.the end of the storm. Goats are the worst hit and feel truly miserable. They gingerly walk around seeking the driest patches and avoiding any mud or puddles that might affect their vulnerable feet.
But for some it is truly heaven and ducks and geese made full use of the precious gift given to them! The so-called lake disappeared after a week to the great relief of the majority of us despite leaving a site filled with wet, soggy mud!

Pictures: curtesy of Terry Bailey