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Blue in a Bottle

Blue is one of the three blends we created a few years back around colours. Inspiration came to create synergies to embody in a scent the intrisic value and meaning.of a colour. Blue was born, followed by Yellow and Rose.

I am not a fan of the sea, mostly because it is too cold around the British shores and it rarely has the hue of blue that I had in mind. So I turned to the sky to contemplate the true nature of the colour that we call sky blue. I stared at the open space, the freedom and peace it emobodies, the softeness and calmness of the wispy cotton-like clouds drifting through a sea of blue. I felt light and re-freshed, able to let dreams, imagination and creativity run free.
At a deeper level, blue and especially light or sky blue is associated with intuition and wisdom, trust and stability, intuition and inner peace along with its counterparts of sadness and depression - having the blues.

NEWS FROM THE FIELD - February 2024

As some of you may already be aware from the little snipets in our newsletters, I have a strong interest and passion for animals big and small and can't help but share with our readers their wonderful nature and the work I do with them.

The Old Chapel of Ermington has openend its doors to guests and visitors of our Farm.
If you ever think of a short break in Devon and are visiting friends for a special occasion, we would be delighted to welcome you to stay in the large suite located in the old vestry of the building. It is a private space with its own entry, lounge and dining areas, an emperor size bed and a shower room.

The field is nearby and should you wish to meet our animals, we will love to introduce you to our alpacas, horses and goats. As you may have gathered from all our newsletters, I am passionate about my animals and would like nothing more than share my love for them.

The Old Chapel is also the home of Materia Aromatica and samples of our essential oils will be made available for you to test and experience.
The listing of the Old Chapel is on Airbnb with numerous pictures of the suite and of the animals. Just search for Ermington UK. Bookings can be made through Airbnb. Should you have any query, please contact Isabelle on 0776933907.

To know more what about we do, visit our Youtube channel

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