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Rosalina Oil

Melaeuca ericifolia - family: Myrtaceae


Rosalina is a tall erect bushy shrub or a small tree growing to a height of 6 to 9 m with a bushy crown and a papery bark. Its leaves are soft to the touch, long and narrow.

It thrives along creeks, behind sand dunes and in swamps for which it received the name of ‘swamp paper bark’. It is mostly found in Northern Tasmania, Bass Strait Islands, in Southern Victoria and along the coast to Northern New South Wales.


The essential oil of Rosalina is steam-distilled from the aerial parts of the tree. The oil is very similar to that of Tea Tree ~ Melaleuca Alternifolia except that its major constituent is linalol (up to 48%) instead of terpine-4-ol. Its aroma has kept the distinctive fragrance of tea tree but with a softer, more gentle note.

The oil is clear, like that of tea tree.
Rosalina has a gentle, floral scent ideal to use in a burner. It does not have the harshness and medicinal undertone of tea tree and as such is more relaxing and pleasant.


The oil of Melaleuca Ericifolia was first identified in the 1950’s. It was made popular by the work of the French aromatic doctor, Daniel Penoel, in his book Natural Home Care Using Essential Oils and was only then seriously noticed by the aromatherapy community.

THERAPEUTICALLY – A children’s essential oil

Due to its high linalol content, the oil is known to be a good antiseptic, spasmolytic and anticonvulsant.

According to Daniel Penoel’ s book, the oil of Rosalina is wonderful for upper respiratory tract congestions and infections as it is rapidly absorbed by the skin and nasal mucosa. It is a gentle expectorant with good anti-infectious properties and is ideal for children being more gentle and less irritable to the skin than Tea Tree.

Rosalina is a very ‘yin’ oil, calming and relaxing. Its sedative effect will induce sleep and help relieve stress.

Being anti-infectious, it can be successfully applied neat on acne, boils, tinea and herpes. The oil can be applied neat on cold sores. It is more effective to start applying the oil at the first sign of infection. Use in combination with tea tree.


To relax and induce sleep

The following oils are selected for their ability to calm, clear and relax. Blend an equal amount of the following essential oils. Put a few drops in the bath or on a tissue by the bed.

  • Rosalina
  • Ravintsara
  • Fragonia
  • Black spruce
  • Lemon

To ease sinus congestion or a chest infection

  • Rosalina 2 drops
  • Pine 2 drops
  • Frankincense 1 drops
  • Eucalyptus radiata 1 drop
  • Thyme linalool 2 drops
  • Lemon 3 drops

To ease breathing and blocked sinus, put a few drops on a tissue by the bed

For a chest rub, add add 3% dilution to 30 ml jojoba oil or base cream. About 25 to 30 drops. Massage into the chest twice a day. For young children (3 years or older), reduce dilution rate to 1 % or 8 to 10 drops.

Nail fungus

Use equal parts of tea tree and Rosalina. Paint the affected nail with this blend of neat essential oils, using a Q tip as if you were applying nail varnish. Leave to dry for a couple minutes. Repeat once to twice a day until new growth of nail appears. This treatment will not clear the parts of the nail that has been affected and this will have to grow out and be cut. It should prevent the fungus to spread onto new growth of nail.

Cold Sores

Painful and unsightly, their spread and occurrence can be greatly reduced by the use of essential oils. The best to use are certainly tea tree and Rosalina. Use neat at least for the first few days. It is also more efficient to start at the first sign of one appearing. The oils might burn a little on application. If the tingling sensation disappears and the affection does not spread, then the oils are working as they should.