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Ointments & Body Butters using Butters and Waxes

The following recipes are easy to make and make wonderful balms for the face and body.

They are only suggestions and ideas on how to mix butters and waxes with other vegetable and essential oils. You can play with the proportions given below to change the consistency of the product so that you can create exactly what works for you.
In a 100 ml jar

Melt the beeswax, cocoa and shea butter in a Bain Marie

Add the other vegetable and essential oils


Pour into jar and leave to cool

Body Butter for Mature Skin

(suitable for face and body) In a 100 ml jar

Shea butter 50 ml Cocoa butter 20 ml Rosehip 10 ml Macadamia 10 ml Borage 10 ml 10 drops frankincense 4 drops geranium 1 drops patchouli
Body Butter for dry skin

Suitable for face and body in a 100 ml jarShea butter 30 ml Calendula 30 ml Coconut / Monoi 20ml Cocoa butter 20 ml Beeswax 10 ml 10 drops palmarosa 7 drops geranium 4 drops bergamot 2 drops lavender 2 drops petitgrain or neroli
Tissue repair Ointment

(to massage over scarred and damaged tissue) In a 100 ml jarShea butter 50 ml Rosehip 30 ml Cocoa butter 10 ml Argan 10 ml 20 drops frankincense 10 drops lavender
Gentle exfoliating orange cleanser

Suitable for face and body In a 100 ml jarShea butter 30 ml Jojoba 20 ml Cocoa butter 10 ml Beeswax 10 ml 1/2 Teaspoon of oatmeal flakes or crushed wheatgerm 1.5 ml orange ess. oil 1.5 ml mandarin ess. oil
Lip Balm

In a 15ml jar

Beeswax 5 mlOlive / Rosehip / Calendula 14 ml Lemon essential oil 1 ml