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An introduction to Essential oil Synergies



A set of 5 x 5 ml bottles of essential oil blends
Includes 10% discount

This is a selection that can be used as an introduction to Aromatherapy and the world of fragrances. Each blend is unique and the set offers a good illustration of the many and unusual aromas that plants offer at our disposal.

To be used in the bath - 5 to 6 drops,
10 drops in a burner

** Allergy Shield:**

  • Fragonia, Black Spruce, Eucalyptus radiata, Frankincense, Lemon & Patchouli*
    A gentle and soothing blend to help with respiratory problems due to common allergies, asthma or irritated bronchii.

*** Defensive Qi**
Cajeput, Eucalyptus radiata, Niaouli, Pine, Ravensara & Tea Tree
A powerful combination of oils useful for dispersing Wind Cold & Phlegm and for reinforcing the body’s Defensive Qi

** Children's**
Mandarin, Vetiver, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile & Lavender
A bouquet of fragrances that children love. Good in the bath for a gleeful splash or in the burner for a happy, peaceful bed-time. Although this blend was primarly designed with children in mind, the blends is also very well suited for adults. The oils are deeply relaxing to body and mind. It provides the ideal aroma to soak in after a long stressful day.

Joie de Vivre
Geranium, orange, bergamot, cardamon, petitgrain & patchouli
Uplifting and harmonising this is a blend designed to restore joy, contentment and optimistic vision.

** Peaceful Night**
Bergamot, Lavender, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Mandarin & Vetiver
Gently relaxing oils that calm the mind and body, imbue tranquillity and encourage deep regenerating sleep.