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Ylang Ylang, Complete

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Conanga odorata


100% Organic content

The oil of Ylang ylang is distilled from the flowers of a tree which in the wild grows to a height of 20m. In its cultivated form, the trees are pruned every couple of months to force the branches to spread horizontally in order to facilitate the harvest of the flowers. The oil is a deep orange with a warm, sultry, heady, floral aroma which is in perfumery is treated as a base note with an overpowering and long lasting fragrance. The yield is about 2%. There are 4 grades: Extra produced during the first couple of hours of distillation, The grades 1-3 are then collected at increasing intervals of time, the distillation being stopped each time with the oil removed., Complete is created by blending Extra with first and second grades.


The oil is anti-depressive, aphrodisiac, calmative, cardiotonic (mild), antispasmodic, antiinfectious, anti-inflammatory


Calms and relaxes the nervous system

Ylang ylang relaxes the central nervous system and regulates adrenaline flow so very useful when experiencing extremes of negative emotion such as anger, rage, shock, fear or panic. In addition it is helpful in cases of low self esteem, insomnia, tension, high blood pressure and stress.

Ylang can be used along with mandarin, lavender and chamomile in a children’s blend for insomnia, stress or hyper-activity.

Ylang ylang soothes and comforts so can be used to assist with nervousness, depression, shock, insecurity, anger as well as obstinacy. Ayurvedic medicine lists Ylang Ylang as relaxing to the nervous system, promoting joy when one is consumed with anger and anxiety. Ylang ylang has been used to balance the mind and emotions in order to improve straightforward communication.

PMS & Menopause

Women will find ylang ylang useful for PMS, insomnia, mood swings, heavy periods or cramping. It can be used by those experiencing heavy and or painful periods in a warming massage oil over the abdomen and lower back in a nourishing base of omega three rich evening primrose and nourishing macadamia.

Chest infections

Ylang Ylang is antiseptic and used traditionally for chest infections, bronchitis and spasmodic coughs.

Balancing to the skin

In skincare, ylang can be used on different types of skinsensitive, oily as well as dry mature due to its sebum balancing, skin renewing and moisture retention properties.
Ylang Ylang is nourishing and moisturising for dry dehydrated or irritated skin and restrains infections and clears Damp-Heat. It benefits oil skin conditions as it balances sebum production


Ylang blends well with exotic oils such as vetiver, jasmine and patchouli and can be used for its aphrodisiac properties in a romantic blend.

A yin, cooling oil

In Chinese medicine, ylang ylang is seen as energetically cool and moist, making it a yin oil. It is associated with the Earth and Fire Elements.


Yland Ylang can be used like jasmine where one needs to reunite our emotional and sensual needs. According to Gabriel Mojay: The aphrodisiac power of ylang ylang oil is inseparable both from its ability to relax and uplift, and from its voluptuous aroma. Indicated for impotence and frigidity, it may be used by people in whom, fear, anxiety.

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Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating Stella quality - 19 September 2016

Reviewer: Karl from UK

It's been many years since I've used such a high quality YY. Often lacking and commonly mixed but this one certainly isn't. Full, rich and beautifully rounded, I highly recommend it. I have a bottle of BN: 027LAP and purchased on 16/09/2016. It's has a wonderful effinety with a small amount of Galbanum. Many thanks.