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Rosemary, ct verbenone

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Rosemarinus officinalis, ct verbenone

South Africa

Organic - Soil Association certified.

The name ‘rosemary’ is derived from the Latin ros marinus meaning ‘rose of the sea’ or ‘sea dew’.

Rosemary has been used medicinally in many ancient civilisations as a purifying and protective herb against diseases and illnesses. The oil was first distilled in the 13th century and was thought a panacea both medicinaly and as a perfume.

Rosemary is a shrub, now widely cultivated throughout the temperate regions especially France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, the Middle East and California. Rosemary verbenone is grown in Corsica and Morocco. As rosemary is highly aromatic, it is not troubled by pests and diseases.


The oil is clear and is distilled form the flowering tops, leaves and stems. The odour profile is one of sweet fresh herbaceous notes. The 1,8-cineole has camphoraceous and slightly woody notes in contrast to the verbenone with its green citrusy Verbena like notes.


Rosemary is associated chiefly with the Fire Element (Heart) however it is an all-rounder and acts on all five Elements as one of nature’s tonics. It imparts positivity, confidence and concentration.

Energetically, Common rosemary is considered warm and dry (more yang), while in direct contrast, Verbena-scented rosemary is classified as cool and dry.

Rosemary cineole 1.8 is a all rounder tonic:

    • Use for lethargy, chilliness.
  • Use for palpitations, poor circulation, cold extremities, poor concentration and memory, nervous debility, depression.
  • Promotes digestion and bowel functions so indicated for dyspepsia, epigastic and abdominal distension or pain, constipation.
  • Restrains infections of the lungs.
  • Supports the Kidneys so helps lower backache.
  • Useful for muscular ache, fatigue, poor concentration

Verbena scented Rosemary possesses much of the same fortifying, uplifting qualities as Common Rosemary but is more gentle, calmative and soothing in nature due to its cool and dry nature.

In summary, one would use the cooler Verbena-scented rosemary in conditions of Heat, and the warmer more yang Common rosemary in conditions of Cold.

Use Rosemary ct camphor for muscular aches and pains, the cineole rich rosemary for pulmonary congestion and to facilitate elimination from the liver and kidneys.

The verbenone rosemary is considered a safe non-irritant oil for skincare and children over the age of 2.

Psychologically, rosemary can renew enthusiasm and bolster self confidence, being associated astrologically with the Sun, our symbol of vitality and individuality.


Non-toxic and non-irritant in prescribed doses. Avoid during pregnancy or breast feeding or on children younger than 2 years. Due to its highly stimulating nature, not suitable for individual with epilepsy or high blood pressure.

For a full profile on the rosemarys with detailed information on the history of rosemary and its therapeutic uses. It also offers somes suggestions for use.

Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating Sun-baked subtlety - 11 March 2009

Reviewer: Francesca from Vienna

People have often said how surprised they are by the difference in the two varieties of rosemary I have at home: the cineole and this, the verbenone. They both smell like hot sun on rosemary bushes, which transports me back to Italy in an instant, but the verbenone variety has an extra subtlety about it that many people appreciate.