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Citrus reticulata


100% Organic content

Mandarin essential oil is typically a golden yellow or greenish liquid with an intense bitter sweet, fruity and tangy fragrance with an uplifting and cheerful odour. The yield is approximately 0.7% and is cold pressed from the rind of the fresh fruit.

Aerial antiseptic, antispasmodic, cheering, sedative, soothing, stomachic, tonic, unwinding, uplifting.

The refreshing aroma has an uplifting effect and makes a good choice for those who are feeling anxious or depressed.

A digestive tonic which calms the intestines. It activates the stomach and liver.

It is a mild sedative for the nervous system and helps to soothe and relax the nerves, making it a useful addition to a blend for insomnia.

It is a useful skin tonic encouraging circulation and reduction of stretch marks during pregnancy.

It soothes restlessness, especially in the hyperactive children, and calms the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and ameliorates stubborn patterns of insomnia in combination with orange oil.’

The psychological action of Mandarin is very similar to Sweet Orange and Bergamot in that it is indicated for nervous tension, irritability, frustration and depression.

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Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating Just beautiful! - 1 July 2021

Reviewer: SMN from Tyne&Wear

This is the most beautiful mandarin essential oil ever. I am so glad to be able to order it this time since the last time it was out of stock.

5 Star Rating Heavenly! - 11 April 2019

Reviewer: Fran Brizi from Vienna

So many people have asked me about this wonderful Mandarin oil from Italy. The colour...the aroma... the effect! It's great.

5 Star Rating Fresh - 20 April 2013

Reviewer: Bronwyn from Bristol

Like putting your fingers through a fresh mandarin. Unparalleled aroma, incredible quality