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Bergamot BF

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Citrus aurantium, ssp bergamia


Bergapten Free

Organic - Soil Association certified

The oil is produced from the rind of the bitter orange tree by cold expression. It is nearly exclusively cultivated in southern Italy in the Calabria region. The fruits are harvested from November to January.


It contains close to 50% linalyl acetate along with limonene and linalol. The bergaptene & bergamotine (furocomarin) have been removed which makes it a safe oil to use in stay-on products as the oil is not phototoxic any longer

The aroma

Bergamot has a lovely fresh, citrus like, slightly bitter aroma and blends well with many others oils: Flowers, fruits, woods, spices. The bergapten free bergamot is clear to pale yellow. It has a sharp note and has lost the sweetness that characterises the normal or ‘whole’ bergamot.


Bergamot has strong antiseptic properties. It is also carminative, analgesic. It has a strong effect on the mind, being uplifting and anti-depressant

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