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Styrax tonkinensis

45% resoinoid, 55% ethanol


100% organic ingredient

Bezoin originates from Northern and Southern America, Asia and Europe. It is a resin that is extracted by tapping (inflicting a wound) to the tree. It is a creamy fluid that starts collecting under the bark or oozes out of the incisions.

There is not such thing as benzoin essential oil. The aromatic compounds are extracted using a solvent, alchohol, which is then evaporated to leave the pure fragrant resinoid on one side and the residue tears from which the fragrant compounds have been extracted on the other. The resinoid is a dark brown solid sticky ‘mass’. It is very solid at room temperature, increadibly hard to break through, does not blend with either oil or water and is impossible to work with.

Materia Aromatica stocks an organic resinoid, diluted with pure organic alchohol (45% resinoid, 55% ethanol). It is liquid and will blend with both essential and carrier oils.
Please note that after a while, the gum itself will separate from the other oils to go back to its original solid form and will fall at the bottom forming a residue. This does not change the quality of the blend. The gum acts more like a macerat, giving the blend the characteristic and beautiful aroma of benzoin.


  • Respiratory system: Benzoin works as a mild expectorant and is useful with conditions such as bronchitis, cold & fly symptoms, sore throats. It also helps with asthma along side frankincense and bergamot
  • Arthritis & rheumatism
  • Skin conditions: Its antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties are useful in cases involving eczema, acne, red and inflamed of the skin, chapped skin, cuts and bruises.
  • Nervous tension and stress related complaints


Benzoin is also said to be mildly irritant. It is recommended to do a skin test before applying. Do not use neat, always dilute in a carrier oil before use.

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