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Mon Beau Sapin

Average Review: 5

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Ingredients: Pine, black spruce, cedarwood, eucalyptus radiata,eucalyptus globulus, frankincense & laurel

12 ml

‘My beautiful Christmas tree’ brings together species of forest trees with the idea to recreate and emphasize the scent of your Christmas tree. Mix 5 ml of the blend in a 100 ml spray bottle filled with water, shake well to disperse the essential oil and break it down into small droplets, spray your tree or any Christmas decorations.

Caution: Make sure lights are turned off and wait a few minutes to let the mist from the spray to evaporate before turning lights on.

Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating Uplifting and grounding - 17 October 2020

Reviewer: Fran from Austria

Bought it for someone else. Started using it myself. Really like it. I find it multi-layered and quite grounding. (Kind of mysterious and familiar at the same time.)