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Defensive Qi

Average Review: 5

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Cajeput, Eucalyptus radiata, Niaouli, Pine, Ravensara & Tea Tree

A powerful combination of oils useful for dispersing Wind Cold & Phlegm and for reinforcing the body’s Defensive Qi


  • Use 1% of the blend in a massage oil (7 drops to a 30 ml bottle of massage oil or cream)
  • Add 5 to 6 drops to a bath
  • 10 drops in a burner

Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating Another quality product from Materia Aromatica - 12 April 2013

Reviewer: Mayan from London

This is now a mainstay in our household. We used to suffer from repetitive bouts of flu and colds which our son would catch at his nursery school. Since trying out Defensive Qi and Children's Bug Beater, we have never looked back. At the first sign of the sniffles, I put a couple of drops of this on the sides of our pillow and on the duvet to allow us to breathe it in during the night (making sure to avoid direct contact with skin). This stops the bugs in their tracks. It really works!

5 Star Rating Brilliant stuff! - 17 December 2008

Reviewer: Carola from Llandysul

Defensive Qi oil is a major part of my anti-cold strategy.  At the first signs of a cold I have a hot bath with 5 drops of Defensive Qi added to the water.  Then - and this is the important bit - I rub the oil in a dilution of 5% in a carrier oil all over my body and go to bed.  This usually staves off the cold overnight.  If I am unable to have the bath I still rub the diluted oil on my body.  I have relatively sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate it at all, but everyone is different so it may be advisable to do a patch test.  The important areas to cover with the oil seem to be the hands and forearms, lower legs and feet, upper back, chest and throat.  This has worked for me even if, say for example when travelling, the cold has taken a strong hold before I can do anything about it.  It is wonderful stuff.