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Tone & Soothe

Average Review: 5

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Clary Sage, Spike Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Black Pepper & Frankincense

A blend of essential oils that help to both tone and soothe tired, achy muscles.

Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating Distinctive, powerful, and comforting - 22 October 2019

Reviewer: Francesca from Austria

I've only used this in the burner so far. It's an unusual blend, and in a good way. It somehow makes me feel that "everything's going to be all right".

5 Star Rating Wonderful blend - 23 August 2010

Reviewer: Margo from Maidstone

This combination is absolutely wonderful.  My clients and I adore it as it balances perfectly between relaxing and energising.  I also use it in my oil burner when giving head massages at mind, body and spirit fairs.