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Decongest & Clarify

Average Review: 5

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Eucalyptus Dives, Eucalyptus radiata, Black Spruce, Pine & Palmarosa

A blend of essential oils with widely-acknowledged decongestant propertiesfor sinus congestion or catarrhal cough

Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating Great product - 10 February 2013

Reviewer: Alison from Wiltshire

Beautiful aroma and just what was needed.  Nice and quick delivery too.  Thank you.

5 Star Rating Brilliant all-rounder - 10 December 2011

Reviewer: Lesley from Aylesbury

After suffering from a nasty ear infection I was left with a blockage in the passage which runs from my nose to my ears.  My GP issued me with a steroid nasal spray which over a period of eight months has not got to the bottom of the problem.  Within a couple of days of using this blend the improvement was incredible and I can now dispense with the nasal spray.

Furthermore, I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and am about 50% well.  Within a couple of days of using this blend I started to feel much more energised and this has enabled me to cope much better around the home.

This blend is not only a brilliant decongestant but also an excellent pick-me-up.