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Lavender spike, spanish sage, rosemary verbenone & carrot seed essential oils

Blue - fresh, cooling and invigorating
Blue brings together 3 blue flowers, rosemary, lavender and sage. With the clearing and cleansing aromas of spanish sage and rosemary verbenone, blue is cool, light and fresh, rising towards a pure blue sky. The hint of camphor typical of spike lavender invigorates and energizes. And yet the subtly warm and grounding aroma of carrot keeps us well in touch with ourselves in anticipation of the day ahead.


  • Make your own shower gel by adding 5 ml to 200ml bottle of shower gel base
  • Add 5 to 6 drops to a bath
  • 10 drops in a burner

Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating "Blue" fights flu - 12 May 2019

Reviewer: Francesca from Austria

(Me again... some time later...). Yesterday I woke up with the lurgy. Full-blown flu. Haven't had that for 4-5 years (especially fever). Yesterday night, I had a footbath before going to bed. I put in a drop of each of some old-old Sandalwood (Mysore) I had and "Blue" (chosen out of a group of 10 oils/oil blends, through a touch test (i.e. 'blind'). I slept for over 12 hours. When I woke up, the fever had gone and I feel human again today. :-] Thank you, "Blue".

5 Star Rating "Blue" is a breath of freshness and serenity - 2 July 2017

Reviewer: Francesca from Austria

Recently bought "Blue" to give to a friend. Well, she never got it cos I tried it and have kept it (I will have to order another bottle for her). ;-) It's uplifting and inspiring, but also centering. Thank you Isabelle for your creative efforts!