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Special Offers

  • Orange

    Citrus sinensis Mexico Organic - Soil Association certified The orange was introduced to the New World by Columbus and was then grown in the West Indies and Florida. It is now cultivated in other warm climates including Costa Rica, Brazil, France, Israel, Spain, Cypress, Greece, Sicily and ...

    From £5.50 £4.40

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Cinnamon, leaf

    Cinnamomum zeylanicum Madagascar Organic - Soil Association certified Steam-distilled from leaves and twigs.

    From £5.55 £4.44

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Calendula

    Calendula officinalis France Macerated in sunflower Organic - Soil Association certified

    From £10.70 £9.63

    10% Off Phytols / Macerations in Suflower - Calendula

  • Five Element

    Cedarwood, Rosemary cineole 1.8, Lavender, Marjoram & Pine A selection of oils that helps to strengthen and harmonise all Five Elements: Cedarwood for the Water Element & the Kidneys, Rosemary for Wood & the Liver, Lavender for Fire & the Heart, Marjoram for Earth & the Sple...

    From £6.95 £5.56

    20% Off Essential Oil Blends - 5 Elements

  • Pepper, Black

    Pepper nigrum Madagascar Organic - Soil Association certified.

    From £8.20 £6.56

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Basil

    Egypt Organic - Ecocert

    From £6.95 £5.56

    20% Off Essential Oils

  • Resourceful Strength - Muladhara (Base) Chakra

    Cedarwood ~ Sandalwood ~ Vetiver ~ Cypress ~ Juniper Resourceful Strength is a blend of oils rich in woody and rooty notes that serve to stabilise and fortify. Their power to restore the resourcefulness of both the Earth Element and of the Shakti life-principle empower us to endure and overcome...

    From £12.40 £9.92

    20% Off Chakra Blends - Base