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Cocoa Butter - Deodorised

From £6.00


*Theobroma Cacao *

Cold-pressed from the beans

Organic: Soil Association certified

This cocoa butter has been filtered and deodorised

Cocoa butter was traditionally used by the local populations to protect the skin against the effects of the sun. In modern cosmetics, it is a useful ingredients to create ointments and balms as it has a high melting point and can be used instead of beeswax. Blend with other vegetable oils to create ointments of various consistencies and textures. Creativity can run free as the possibilities are endless.

Below are 2 easy suggestions to make a body bars

  • 99 gr cocoa butter, 1 ml of essential oil (or 30 drops) - this makes a hard bar which will melt slowly when rubbed on the skin. It can be used as a hand cream without releasing too much oil.
  • to make a softer bar, 84 or 89 gr of cocoa butter, 15 or 10 gr of a specialist oil (jojoba, calendula, rosehip, pomegranate) 1 ml of essential oil

Melt the cocoa butter and vegetable oil over a bain-marie, add the essential oil once the base oils are melted, pour into a mould (silicone is ideal) and wait until it solidifies.

For more ideas on creating balms, see the profile on Mafura butter

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