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Sebastopol Geese

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Coloured crayons and ink on paper by local artist Terry Bailey.

A7 - 74 x 105mm

Beautiful drawing of our goosey gang, Darcey, Rudy and their offsprings.
Sebastopol geese are characterised by their long feathers, sometimes unruly, that make them look like ballerinas in their tutu.
They look fierce and could potentially cause harm with their powerful serrated beak. They are little characters and enjoy bossing around ary 2 or 4 legged creatures that allow themselves to be fooled by their haughty demeanour. They are in fact totally harmless and will back off and run as soon as they are faced with one holding his ground and boasting confidence and assertiveness. Basically, they are all show! A beautiful display of white curly fluff gracing the landsacape like huge snowflakes.