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Winter & Seasonal Depression

How to go through the cold and shortest days of winter without feeling seasonal depression.

As days shorten through the autumn until the winter equinox, our exposure to natural light is greatly diminished. It has been thought that humans respond to the shorter days in the same way as animals do, seeking rest and sleep. Equally the natural response and need of our body would be to work less and sleep more. The demands made by society on our life have not been considering such needs and will not allow them. Could this be a trigger for feeling down, tired as soon as winter approaches ?

Due to the high level of photosynthesis that happened when reaching maturity during the longest days of the year, St John's herbs become appropriate during the winter months. They bring to our cells the vital energy of the sunlight they accumulated during their growth. Essential oils of Angelica and Yarrow have a tonifying and balancing action to restore calm and focus. Roman Chamomile loosens emotional ties. Fankincense brings relaxation and peace. Not to forget St John's wort, reknown against depression.

Use the essentail oils in a base of vegeable oil of 80% jojoba, 20% St John's wort macerated oil. Add 2 to 3% of any of the essential oils singly or blended (2% is about 15 drops to 30 ml). Angelica, yarrow and chamomile are strong and overpowering, add a touch of bergamot or orange to lighten the blend.

Apply on the wrist and inhale at will.

Use as a massage oil along the back bone or the sole of the feet.