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Ravintsara and Sleep

For light sleepers

Although Lavender and chamomile haves been widely used to help those who suffer from disturbed sleep, their aroma is not always appreciated by everybody.
Ravintsara offers a useful alternative. Like rosem...ary and eucalyptus, it is rich in cineole and has a refreshing, pungent aroma which one would not necessarily associate with a calming and relaxing action. But the oil has a balancing effect on the nervous system, is sedating and induces a peaceful and tranquil state. It will improve sleep quality and promote a calm and deep sleep.

  • Put 5 drops on your pillow
  • If you are lucky enough to have a willing partner, ask him / her to massage your back, following the grooves along side the back bone using 6 drops of ravintsara in a table spoon of jojoba or apricot oil.

Use the oil for a week or two and give your body and olfactory senses a break for a while. Start again if necessary.

Ravintsara is also reputed for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral action, will help clear up bunged-up noses and air passages and at the same time boost the immune system… two birds killed with one stone!