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Our Organic Status

February 2022, posted by Isabelle

Materia Aromatica has been running for over 20 years now. The first action we took when we opened for business was to become a member of the Soil Association. Sourcing organic raw maerials was of primary importance as we truly believe that plants grown without chemicals have a vitality, a frehsness of aroma that is unmatched except perhaps by their wild counterparts. As it is clearly not possible to rely on the wild and the generosity of nature to provide for the increasing demand for essential oils, selecting plants grown organically offers the best alternative to extract oils with an energetic blue print as close to what nature intended. In order to certify our oils as being organic, we have remained a faithful member of the Soil Association ever since.

However, time passes, businesses and people evolve, life birngs new circumstances, they trigger change and after 20 years, we have decided not to renew our membership with the Soil Association.
This decision does not affect the way we work. Our love and dedication for the oils, for their quality and as such for their organic label are as strong as ever. We are carrying on with our same suppliers and producers and guarantee to keep the authenticity of our oils as high as it has ever been. The oils will still be labelled ‘Organic’ unless they are not (as you may know, we also carry a few oils that we are unable to source in an organic version). The abscence of the Soil Association logo will be the only difference to the presentation of our bottles. The contents remain the same.