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Make your own base creams

April 2018, posted by Isabelle

Face Cream Kits

Face creams are a delicate product

  • They are based on 2 ingredients that are ‘indifferent’ to each other. Water and fats do not mix together unless there is a binding agent to unite them
  • The water content attracts bacteria and moulds rapidly unless a preservative is added.
  • If the cream is designed with a view to being kept on the shop shelves and stay ‘fresh’ for 36 months as per regulations in place, stabilisers are needed to ensure colour and texture remain undisturbed and strong preservatives to control contamination and bacterial growth, a long list of add-ons that are there specifically to ensure preservation for the sake of the manufacturers and retailers but that your skin does not need.

Base creams are easily made and in minutes. You will avoid the dilemma that the cosmetic industry has to face, be free to choose your ingredients, play, be creative and come up with the mixture that will suit your skin. You won’t be able to go back.

Face creams need to be treated like food. The best quality is those that are freshly made by yourself in your own home. Make them only when you are about to run out and need a new batch, use fresh ingredients and nourish your skin in the same way as food is prepared every day to nourish your body.

Our kits contain certified organic ingredients, a vegetable emulsifying wax and a natural preservative – strictly nothing else. A batch will keep up to 3 months (away from a source of light and heat).
A recipe with step by step instructions is also included.

The kits offer 4 different vegetable bases, a dry or mature blends, calendula or jojoba.
They are avaiable in 2 sizes: 100ml and 250ml

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