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Blue in a Bottle

January 2024

Blue is one of the three blends we created a few years back around colours. Inspiration came to create synergies to embody in a scent the intrisic value and meaning.of a colour. Blue was born, followed by Yellow and Rose.

This was a deeply personal experience based around the emotions that the colour blue evoked and how i could capture those emotions in a bottle through a synergy of essential oils,

I am not a fan of the sea, mostly because it is too cold around the British shores and it rarely has the hue of blue that I had in mind. So I turned to the sky to contemplate the true nature of the colour that we call sky blue. I stared at the open space, the freedom and peace it emobodies, the softeness and calmness of the wispy cotton-like clouds drifting through a sea of blue. I felt light and re-freshed, able to let dreams, imagination and creativity run free.
At a deeper level, blue and especially light or sky blue is associated with intuition and wisdom, trust and stability, intuition and inner peace along with its counterparts of sadness and depression - having the blues.

Three essential oils came to mind when working on the blend: Rosemary, sage and lavender. Of the three types of rosemaries, I chose rosemary verbenone for its cooler, softer yet pungent aroma. Of the sages, I chose spanish sage for its sweet, refreshing yet slightly warming aspect and of the lavenders, I chose Spike lavender for its sought after floral character but with a pick me up touch. There was something missing though as the blend was too much in the top notes, akin to a hydrogen balloon impatient to take off and vanish in the vastness of the sky. It needed to be anchored to bring balance into the formulation. For this, I chose carrot seed.
Together, these four oils make a refreshing blend. It is soft, light and airy and at the same time keeps us well on the ground. It boosts through the inherent qualities of the oils, confidence and morale, an appetite for joy. It helps dispel blocks of distress and confusion to find renewed inspiration, intuition and self-expression.

I feel that the blend is best used in a diffuser to bring a renewed breath of fresh air in the home, dispel any negative energy that may be lingering, lift the emotions and disperse those unwanted moments filled with sadness. i also love it in a body wash, especially for a morning pick me up shower. Add 2 to 3% in a body wash base which equates to 5 ml in a 200ml bottle of base.

Among all the blends we have formulated over the years, Blue is one of my favourites.
Try it and if you have any comments, please email me as i would love to receive your feedback