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Benzoin & Vanilla

September 2021

It has been a long while since we were able to have these 2 aromatics on our shelves, as much as a few years indeed.


Sweet, warm, sunny, comfy, soft, silky…. those describe Benzoin at its best.
There is a price to pay though as Benzoin easily and so we can enjoy the benefits of its sought-after aroma.

Benzoin in its undiluted state has to be the most unfriendly substance to work with. It forms a hard block that will resist even the sharpest of knives. It will slowly melt when subjected to heat and finally become pourable, Only a short lived success as it will quickly resolidify as soon as the tmperature drops forming streaky and sticky strands similar to caramelised sugar. Needless to say that it does not blend with anything and falls happily to the bottom of the container resuming its solidified state.

Our benzoin is diluted with organic ethanol. It is a liquid and therefore user friendly. It will blend with other essential oils and any vegetable oils. It is important to note though, that once blended with other essential/vegetable oils, benzoin will separate after a while from the other substances and form a solid mass at the bottom of the bottle. This does not affect the therapeutic value of your blend and benzoin will still lends the benefits ot its aromatic compounds to your formula.

TIP: Wipe the neck of the bottle dry after every use as any residue will crystalise and form hard deposits around the dropper and lid that will impair further use of the bottle.


This new batch of vanilla we have recently received is an hydrosouble extract. It will mix with water based solutions but not with essential oils or vegetable oils.
it can be incorporated into creams, lotions or just to make a floral spray.
And of course, it is ideal for baking - 100% natural with no preservatives or chemicals.
This extract is organic but not Cosmos.