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Vegetable Wax

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INCI: Cetearyl Glucoside

A natural wax extracted from corn and coconut
Use 5 to 10% to make cream or body lotion.

Example recipe to make 100 g of cream

Oil Phase

  • 10% vegetable oil
  • 8% wax
  • Water phase
  • 80.5% purified water, floral water, essential water

Add the wax to the vegetable oil

  1. Warm in a bain-marie until the wax has melted. Do not overheat or the wax will break down
  2. Bring the water to a simmer
  3. Add the water to the oil phase
  4. Stir regularly until the mixture has cooled down add
  5. Add 1% EO
  6. A preservative will have to be added or the cream will go mouldy within a few days

One can play with proportions:

make a cream richer by increasing the % of carrier oil
make the cream more liquid or thicker by reducing or increasing the amount of wax