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Food grade emulsifyer to dissolve essential oils in water
Mix 4 part solubol to 1 part essential oil
10 drops of the solubol/EO mix contains 2 drops of pure essential oil.
Shake well before use as the essential oils do not mix well in the solubol. The mixture will disperse evenly when added to water.

*Vegetable glycerin, Helianthus annus, lecithin, cocos nucifera, sucrose stearate, cera alba, sterculia urens, acacia, vitamin E, vitamin C, rosemarinus officinalis extract & popolis cera *
No alchohol and no preservatives other than the anti-oxidants listed

Suggested uses
To make a bath oil: Mix 20% esential oil with 80% solubol, shake well and add a half a tea spoon in the bath

Make a stock blend with one or a few essential oils of your choice using the basic blending rule above.
These could be peppermint, tea tree, spearmint, myrrh, clove bud, orange, ginger
Add 5 to 10 drops to a small glass of water
Do not swallow

To disperse the essential oils evenely in a nebuliser or diffuser, add 10 to 20 drops (depending on the size of the room ) to the water