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Materia Aromatica essential oils and skin care are also available to purchase direct from our Shop, Fifth Sense in Modbury, Devon

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May 2017

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Fire & Water! 

Using Hydrolats

The days are getting warmer. Soon, instead of reaching for long sleeves, we’ll be looking for ways to cool down. I love the summer so I can’t wait to feel hot sunshine on my skin, but even I can get too warm at times. This year I’m prepared with some watery aromatic remedies. 
One of the most wonderful things about high quality aromatic waters is their exceptionally gentle character. This makes them very safe to use, including with children. Aromatic plants are a huge concoction of aromatic chemicals. Water-loving compounds are amongst the wide-range which may be present in any one plant; these compounds are typically gentle in nature and are the ones which make their way into our aromatic waters. For example, many ester compounds bond with hydrogen molecules in water, i.e. they are water soluble. Therefore ester-rich plants such as True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) produce ester-rich aromatic waters. Any aromatherapists will tell you that if esters could speak they’d say ‘Relax!’. 
There are many ways we can put aromatic waters to good therapeutic use, including as cooling sprays, to clean cuts and grazes, to help calm fractious children and as digestive aids. Some of my favourite ways of using these waters include…




We have a new selection of oils, blends and accessories
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Soap & Face Cloth Set

Soap & Face Cloth Set

Contains half a bar of soap - about 50 gr & a certified organic cotton face cloth Gift wrapped In Three different fragrances - Geranium & rose petals - Lavender - Joie de vivre (blend of ... More >>
£ 5.50

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Special Offers


end 25th May 2017

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