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Materia Aromatica essential oils and skin care are also available to purchase direct from our Shop, Fifth Sense in Modbury, Devon

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The fresh scent of many of the Myrtaceae family essential oils remind me of spring. Hailing primarily from Australia, these Paper Bark trees - named after the way their thin, paper-like bark peels from their trunks – frequently share a sharp, fresh and camphor-like aroma. 
Niaouli (Melaleuca quinquinervia) is sometimes called the broad-leaved paper bark tree and, like several of its paper-bark relations, it’s essential oil tends to be rich in the plant chemical 1.8 cineol (an oxide). This makes it a popular ingredient in respiratory remedies, particularly in those requiring a mucous-loosening action, for instance for coughs with phlegm. Its reputed to have a strong antibacterial action and is an oil I look to when my immune system is low, to help restore and support my recovery. Warning: do not apply on or near the faces of babies or young children; 1.8 cineol is known to cause severe and serious reactions in youngsters. 
Similarly, the ever-popular Blue Gum Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) is rich in both 1.8 cineol and monoterpenes, making it another excellent choice for respiratory conditions such as phlegm-filled coughs and bronchitis, and more  generally when your immune system needs a supportive boost. I often add a few drops to my regular steam inhalation bowls, to clear my sinuses which get blocked from swimming in chlorine-filled pools. This tree, which can grow to an awe- inspiring 120 metres, has many common names including Fever Tree, which reflects its traditional use by Aboriginal peoples to calm fevers.

I have always enjoyed using my hands, making and creating.  Learning about vegetable oils and essential oils lead very quickly to an intense desire to take my own skin care into my own hands.


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