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New Arrivals

  • Bath Melts

    100% organic 6 gr Delightful scented little drops to put in the bath whilst running. They disperse just the right amount of oil to cover the body with a light film that will nourish and bring suppleness to th

    From £1.50

  • £Free

  • Bath Bombs

    Our bath bombs are born out of the idea of associating colours and scents. 3 unique aromas that bring to life rose, blue and yellow{.red} Heart shaped - about 90 gr each Get into your bath, drop one of our bo


  • Bath Bombs - Make your own kit

    All you need to start and make your own bath bombs This kit will make 10 to 12 moon bombs (4cm diameter) This can be divided in 3 batches of each 100 gr of bicarbonate and 50 gr of citric acid, fragranced


  • £Free

  • Walnut

    *Juglans regia* France Cold-pressed from the nuts Organic - Soil Association certified

    From £11.70

  • Buzz-off'

    *Coriander see, citronella, lemongrass, may chang, peppermint & spearmint.* A fresh, spicy, up-lifting aroma to be enjoyed as much for itself as to keep our unwanted little friends away #### Directio

    From £6.80

  • Reed Diffuser

    Fragranced with Materia Aromatica blends of essential oils Comes in an attractive clear glass round bottle with a wooden collar and 5 black reeds. The bottle holds 80 ml of aromatic mix and lasts about 2 mo

    From £22.50

  • Normal Skin Oil

    *Sunflower, Safflower, Sesame & Walnut*

    From £8.30

  • Foot & Leg balm

    100% Organichand-made in house with Materia Aromatica certified oils A very light balm which will go a long way. It is formulated with light oils and butters which will leave the skin smooth and nourished w


  • Tamanu

    From £12.40

  • Body Wash - Make your own

    Contains * 195 ml of organic shower gel base * 5 ml of pure essential oil blend Gift wrapped Just add the bottle of essential oil to the gel base, give it a shake and enjoy! The combinations you can use are

    From £11.70

  • De-Stress

    *Sweet Inula, Bergamot, Lavender & Roman Chamomile* A powerful aromatic remedy to help ease nervous tension and anxiety. Use as part of an aromatherapy treatment. It can also be useful when travelling ha

    From £22.00

  • Solubol

    *Vegetable glycerin, Helianthus annus, lecithin, cocos nucifera, sucrose stearate, cera alba, sterculia urens, acacia, vitamin E, vitamin C, rosemarinus officinalis extract & popolis cera * To make a bat

    From £15.00

  • Upgrade 2 - From a 24 to a 36 oil Pack

    If you already have a 24 oil Starter Pack, you need to purchase this upgrade to have a 36 oil Full Student Pack. **Price inlcudes a 10% discount ** #### The upgrade is made of **2.5ml: **Neroli **5


  • Upgrade 1 - From a 12 to a 24 Oil Pack

    If you already have the 1. Starter pack with its 12 essential oils, you only need to purchase this upgrade of 12 oils to have the 2. Basic Student Pack of 24 oils. ** Price already includes 10% off** ####


  • Vegetable Wax

    *INCI: Cetearyl Glucoside* A natural wax extracted from corn and coconut Use 5 to 10% to make cream or body lotion. #### Example recipe to make 100 g of cream Oil Phase * 10% vegetable oil * 8%


  • Lip Balm: Orange

    10 ml 100% organic It is made of beeswax and a blend of cold-pressed vegetable oils especially selected to offer a long lasting barrier and protection. Our fomulation will soften and care from dry, chapped lip


  • Olive

    *Olea europeae* France Cold-pressed from the flesh of the fruits Organic - Soil Association certified

    From £6.25

  • Borage

    *Borago officinalis* France Cold-pressed from the seeds Organic - Soil Association Certified Profile on [Borage oil](/oil-profiles/borage-3)

    From £8.30