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Materia Aromatica essential oils and skin care are also available to purchase direct from our Shop, Fifth Sense in Modbury, Devon

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April 2016 

It was an early Easter this year and we hope that those of you who are chocolate lovers/addicts will have had a chance to tuck into a chocolate egg or two? This is only giving us an excuse to make chocolate beans and vanilla the focus of this April newsletter.  Please follow our article below for some delicious recipes to make and enjoy on May bank holiday weekend!

Drinks made from the beans of the famous Cacao Tree were enjoyed as far back as 1900BC. Originating from Mesoamerica, native peoples including Mayans and Aztecs are known to have used Cacao beans as religious offerings and currency. The Spanish first introduced the fabled beans to Europe, adding sugar and other ingredients over the years which gradually transformed the ancient bitter bean drink into the sweet chocolate treats we love today. 

The Spanish Conquistadors also brought us Vanilla, first known to have been used by Mexico’s Totonaco Indians.... READ MORE HERE >

We have a new selection of oils, blends and accessories
on Special offer with the usual 20% off.

Will end on 25th April 2016

Coconut (with its natural fragrance)

Coconut (with its natural fragrance)

Cocos nucifera India Cold-pressed from the coprah Unrefined - has the characteristic aroma of coconut Organic - Certified by Soil Association Certification Ltd... More >>
From £ 5.95

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Special Offers

Special Offers


end 25th April 2016

- A selection of essential oils

- Cocoa Butter

- Essential oil blends 

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