Organic Essential and Vegetable Oils for use in Aromatherapy and Therapeutic massage

Large selection of oils certified organic by Soil Association Certification Ltd.

Organic skincare made with our certified oils

to nourish and protect your skin with healing, unrefined and natural ingredients only

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Materia Aromatica essential oils and skin care are also available to purchase direct from our Shop, Fifth Sense in Modbury, Devon

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We're all going on a summer holiday.....

Materia Aromatica is having a short holiday from 29 May until the 6 June.
For postage before 29 May, orders up until the 27 May will be fulfilled. Orders after that date will be posted on the 7 June.
Our June newsletter will be emailed on the 7 June.

We are going to take some of our 'Buzz off' and also some Citronella with us so, until we get back, there is 20% off these effective insect repellents until 6th June 2016

May 2016 

Coming after what seems weeks of winter cold and rain, fields of blue bells have conquered the forest floor of the Devonian woodlands.  The scene offers an amazing view to the eyes as the woods are ablaze with bright blues and purples that transform the usually dark and gloomy atmosphere that reigns under the canopy.  As spring moves into summer, these enchanting flowers slowly lose their colours, droop, fade away and return after a short bright spell to their dormant state until the next season.
This yearly spring feast of colours has inspired us with the theme of our May newsletter...


Azulene is a natural compound found in some plants and some invertebrates. Its name is derived form the Spanish 'azul' meaning dark blue.

Two of its derivatives are found in essential oils commonly used in Aromatherapy.

The deep blue compound, Chamazulene has a long history of being an effective anti-inflammatory. Although it is not necessarily present in very high degree in any of the essential oils, it so rich in colour that it transfers its dark blue tones as if it was dominating the whole chemical make up of the plant.  It is present in German Chamomile, Yarrow, Wormwood, Blue Tansy and to a lesser extent in Roman Chamomile.
Chamazulene does not exist in the fresh plant materials.  It is biosynthetised through the process of steam-distillation from the sesquiterpene matricarin which is crystalline in colour. Its properties were first discovered and studied by the Germans and in France by Caujolle in 1950s as an effective anti-inflammatory agent...

We have a new selection of oils, blends and accessories
on Special offer with the usual 20% off.

Will end on 25th May 2016



Sodium Olivate, sodium cocoate, sodium sunflowerate, sodium palmate, lavendula burnati flower oil (lavendin) & lavender flowers Ingredients are certified organic More >>
£ 4.90 (1 bar)

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Special Offers


end 25th May 2016

- A selection of essential oils

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