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Large selection of oils certified organic by Soil Association Certification Ltd.

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to nourish and protect your skin with healing, unrefined and natural ingredients only

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Materia Aromatica essential oils and skin care are also available to purchase direct from our Shop, Fifth Sense in Modbury, Devon

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July 2016 

The joys of spring and summer are manifold. Here 
at Materia Aromatica we love watching the trees sprout new growth and humble garden plants transform into flowering beauties, providing nectar for happy bees and insects.  Unfortunately though the pollen released by the season’s blooms and grasses spells misery for many of us. 

There are so many pollen producing plants, trees and fungi that, without allergy testing, it’s often difficult to know which pollens cause you problems. Additionally people’s reactions to pollen and to the various hay fever remedies available vary widely. However there are several commonly experienced symptoms that you might relate to, including blocked sinuses, runny noses and itchy eyes. 

An essential oil that can be useful in alleviating hayfever symptoms is Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis). This noble plant, named Laurel by our ancient ancestors, sports hardy, oval leaves commonly used to flavour soups, stews and even desserts. It can grow as tall as 20 metres and has historically been associated with success - think of statues and paintings depicting ancient Roman leaders, their heads garlanded with bay wreaths. According to Ancient Greek legend priestesses at Delphi chewed bay leaves to prepare themselves for reading oracles...


We have a new selection of oils, blends and accessories
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Will end on 20th July 2016



Helichrysum italicum France Organic - Soil Association certified. ... More >>
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