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Fire & Water
The days are getting warmer. Soon, instead of reaching for long sleeves, we’ll be looking for ways to cool down. I love the summer so I can’t wait to feel hot sunshine on my skin, but even I can get too warm at times. This year I’m prepared with some watery aromatic remedies. Over the last few years I’ve become increasingly interested in aromatic waters. Often over-looked by aromatherapists, these plant-powered waters are great healing tools. ‘Hydrolat’, ‘hyd...   Full Article
Juniper & New Year resolutions
January is the time for making life-transforming resolutions, and all too often breaking them before the month is out. Regardless of how much we’d like to try new things or break certain habits, we humans tend to be scared of change. Like most people, I break far more new year’s resolutions than I keep. For us Northern hemisphere dwellers January falls in the grip of winter. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this is when the Water Element is dominant, with fear as ...   Full Article
Queen of Hungary Water
I love a good story, particularly when aromatics are the heroines. The truth behind the legend of the Queen of Hungary’s Water is long lost to the mists of time, leaving behind intriguing whispers of a beautiful queen, reclusive monks and magical alchemists. Queen of Hungary Water was the first alcohol-based perfume to appear in written records. The story of its origin varies, but its thought to have been formulated around the late 14th century. The identity of t...   Full Article
Skin Care - Creams versus Oils
I have always enjoyed using my hands, making and creating. Learning about vegetable oils and essential oils lead very quickly to the intense desire to make my own skin care. The first thing was to make up a recipe for a soft but resistant, bubbly bar of soap. This having been achieved thanks to Melanie Cox’s handy tips, I tried a liquid castille soap which was a much harder and complex process to perfect. . I then focused on the ...   Full Article
Spanish Sage
‘Cur moriatur homo cui Salvia crescit in horto’ Why should a man die whilst sage is growing in his garden (Latin proverb) ------------------------------------------------ ‘Salvia’ is said to come from ‘salvere’ or to be saved, heal, to be well. Sage has been valued over the centuries by many cultures for its medicinal and therapeutic uses and in modern time as a decorative and aromatic garden shrub. There are many varieties of Sages, only a very specific ...   Full Article
Summer Aid Kit
What’s the best thing about summer? Holidays, of course! My holidays generally involve moving from place to place with a rucksack on my back. This means I need to travel light, so over the years I’ve honed my first aid kit down to the bare essentials. This, of course, includes a small selection of essential oils. I also like to pack a couple of pre-blended remedies, which are easy to reach for if needed. This all helps me prepare for the unexpected. I’ve been kn...   Full Article
Valentine 2016
“What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet (2.2.45-7) Roses, the flowers of love and passion, are purchased in their millions by romantics each Valentine’s Day. The history and symbolism of this exquisitely fragranced flower is as complex as its traditional uses and chemical make-up. In this Valentine’s newsletter we’d like to share some sumptuous stories about this much loved b...   Full Article
100-Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh - Festive Aromatics
Does the thought of the impending festive season fill you with excitement or dread? Or perhaps both? In this newsletter we aim to ease any pre-Christmas stress with a simple homemade present idea. We’ve also got an aromatic suggestion or two to help you remain calm throughout the festive build-up. FESTIVE AROMATICS Wonderful aromatics feature in the biblical Christmas story, with wise men from the east bringing the baby Jesus gifts of frankincense and myrr...   Full Article
Christmas Recipes 2016
Already the shops are filling up with Christmas cards and mince pies, reminding me that its time to start planning for the festive season. In the run-up to last Christmas I spent a happy day mixing essential oils and filling pots with beautifully scented creams, gels and lotions as gifts for my family - they loved their presents almost as much as I enjoyed making them. If you fancy creating aromatic gifts this Yuletide here are a couple of suggestions. WISE WOME...   Full Article
Colds & Flu - Blends suggestions
Respiratory allergies are becoming widespread from air pollution, eating the wrong foods. Most doctors miss the connection between digestion and respiration. All the fats and oils consumed in our daily diets eventually arrive in the lungs. Our favourite foods of butter, chocolate and fatty meats are all heavy with saturated fats. Eventually the mucous which is produced to trap dust and smoke, clogs us up. When the ‘mucociliary escalator’ fails due to insufficient or ex...   Full Article
Earth’s Treasures
I always mourn the passing of summer, my favourite season, so thank goodness that autumn is packed full of beauty to ease me through the seasonal change. One of my favourite sights right now are the many seed heads adorning gardens, parks and verges. As well as providing interesting textures, the seed heads of flowering plants often look stunning and – excitingly - carry the promise of next year’s growth and colour. For aromatherapists, member...   Full Article
Easter 2016 - April 2016
Happy Easter! It was an early one this year and we hope that those of you who are chocolate lovers /addicts will have had a chance to tuck into a chocolate egg or two? This is only giving us an excuse to make chocolate beans and vanilla the focus of this March newsletter. BITTER BEANS TO CHOCOLATE Drinks made from the beans of the famous Cacao Tree were enjoyed as far back as 1900BC. Originating from Mesoamerica, native peoples including Mayans and Azt...   Full Article
Hayfever and Allergies
The joys of spring and summer are manifold. Here at Materia Aromatica we love watching the trees sprout new growth and humble garden plants transform into flowering beauties, providing nectar for happy bees and insects. Unfortunately though the pollen released by the season’s blooms and grasses spells misery for many of us. There are so many pollen producing plants, trees and fungi that, without allergy testing, it’s often difficult to know which pollens cause y...   Full Article
Ravintsara and Sleep
Ravintsara - For light sleepers Although Lavender and chamomile haves been widely used to help those who suffer from disturbed sleep, their aroma is not always appreciated by everybody. Ravintsara offers a useful alternative. Like rosem...ary and eucalyptus, it is rich in cineole and has a refreshing, pungent aroma which one would not necessarily associate with a calming and relaxing action. But the oil has a balancing effect on the nervous system, is...   Full Article
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20% off essential oils 20% off Meridien Blend - Serene Focus 10% off Almond OIl Offers end on 25th October 2017    Full Article
Summer into Autumn
CALM ZONE MASSAGE / BATH OIL 30mls carrier oil Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) 4 drops Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) 2 drops Rose (Rosa damascena) 5 drops I can hardly believe its autumn already, but it’s been a great summer! One of the things I loved most about the sunshine months was taking my aromatherapy work to festivals. I’ve discovered a common pattern amongst clients whilst working at music and other festivals. For the first few days peo...   Full Article
The Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree Once upon a time the British Isles were swathed in pine forests, perfuming the air with their uplifting aroma. Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris), native to Britain, is a particularly special tree. Sporting distinctive red-brown bark this majestic conifer can grow 35-40 metres tall. As its name suggests it has a strong connection to Scotland, where it still grows and traditionally symbolised immortality. For me, Scots Pine is a perfect oil for t...   Full Article
Using vegetable oils as base ingredients for skincare
We are often faced with comments such as: 'Oils will make my skin greasy, oily and shiny !' If it does, you will have either used the wrong type of oil or put too much of it. Vegetable oils are made of the same molecules and substances that are already present in the skin. Each oil has a different texture and therapeutic application. If used and applied appropriately, they are all your skin need. They will leave it clean, soft, nourished and rejuvenated. By the end ...   Full Article
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