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Argan Soothing Eye Balm
To help smooth out and prevent fine lines around the eyes, Below is a suggestion of a blend easy to make up. 4 ml Argan oil 2 ml Rosehip oil 2 ml Borage oil 2 ml Avocado oil In a 10 ml rollette Therapeutically Argan oil is rich in anti-oxydant. It has extraordinary moisturising properties and leaves the skin remarkably smooth and soft. Roship is ideal for skin repair and works wonders on scar tissue and wrinkles. Borage is the ri...   Full Article
Honey face mask for dehydrated skin
MAKE YOUR OWN Ready in seconds and so easy to make, this will beat any face masks you can find on the market. It is guaranteed to refresh and lift dehydrated skin. Use for the face but also for any dry patches that can afflict other parts of the body. This mask is ideal to use after a day in the sun, when ever the skin has been exposed to harsh a weather conditions, or as a routine treatment. It will leave the skin look refreshed, lifted and feeling velvety and ...   Full Article
Nail fungus & Tea Tree
Tea Tree is reknown for its strong anti fungal actions. It is also one of the 2 essential oils that can be used neat, and with very good results to fight nail fungus. Paint the affected nails with... a Q tip dipped in tea tree as if applying nail varnish. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes. Apply twice a day for 5 days. Have 2 days off and repeat for 4 to 5 weeks. The oil won't get rid of the signs of infection on the damaged nails but will prevent the ...   Full Article
Ointments & Body Butters using Butters and Waxes
The following recipes are easy to make and make wonderful balms for the face and body. They are only suggestions and ideas on how to mix butters and waxes with other vegetable and essential oils. You can play with the proportions given below to change the consistency of the product so that you can create exactly what works for you. In a 100 ml jar Melt the beeswax, cocoa and shea butter in a Bain Marie Add the other vegetable and essential oils Stir ...   Full Article
Skin Care - Honey and almond moisturising / exfoliating mask
Easy recipe to try at home (ready in seconds !) Ideal for dry and mature skins 100 % natural  30ml apricot or evening primrose oil or even rosehip (depending on your skin type)  1 teaspoon clear runny honey  Enough finely ground almonds to make a paste  2 drops frankincense  2 drops mandarin  2 drops neroli Mix the oil and honey and add enough almonds to make a paste in ...   Full Article
Winter & Seasonal Depression
How to go through the cold and shortest days of winter without feeling seasonal depression As days shorten through the autumn until the winter equinox, our exposure to natural light is greatly diminished. It has been thought that humans respond to the shorter days in the same way as animals do, seeking rest and sleep. Equally the natural response and need of our body would be to work less and sleep more. The demands made by society on our life have not ...   Full Article
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