Bath Bombs

Our bath bombs are born out of the idea of associating colours and scents.  

3 unique aromas that bring to life rose, blue and yellow

Rose is warm, floral, luscious.
Blue is fresh, light, bouncy
Yellow is sweet and and tangy with a touch of spice.

Get into your bath, drop one of our bombs and enjoy the sight of the explosive fizz, the feel of the tiny bubbles splattering on your skin, the aroma that emanates of these colour scents to feel your senses with a deep sense of letting go and peace.

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50 gr Blue is fresh, awakens with a touch of spice, revives and revitalises. For a morning boost or to freshen up in preparation for a busy evening. Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, cit...
£ 2.50
Available in: 1, Pack of 3.


50 gr Rose is sensual, floral, warm, forgets about the day's hardship, brings calm and peace and utter relaxation. It is for an evening when one has time to set the scene, a candle, a glass ...
£ 2.50
Available in: 12ml, 5ml, 2.5ml, 1 ml, 1, Pack of 3.


50 gr Yellow is sweet & tangy, uplifting & comforting, warm & joyful. Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, citrus sinensis peel oil (orange), citrus aurantium ssp be...
£ 2.50
Available in: 1, Pack of 3.

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