Meridian Blends

Each of Materia Aromatica Meridian blend is formulated to activate the Chi-energy in a specific Meridian or Channel.  Diluted in an appropriate carrier oil, it may be applied as part of a full body treatment or massaged directly into the Meridian for which it is intended.  It will not only help to enhance the energetic function of the Meridian’s associated organ, but harmonise the psycho-spiritual dimension which the organ governs.

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Creative Contentment - Stomach (Earth)

Orange, Mandarin, Bergamot & Coriander Recurrent dyspepsia, epigastric distention, poor concentration, muddled thinking, worry, discontent
From £ 6.90
Available in: 5ml, 12ml.

Decisive Purpose - Gall Bladder (Wood)

Grapefruit, Sandalwood, Petitgrain & Bergamot Nervous tension, indecision, erratic planning, habitual hesitation, avoidance, denial
Average Customer Review: Average Review: 5
From £ 6.90
Available in: 5ml, 12ml.

Effortless Action - Kidney (Water)

Juniper, 19Cedarwood, Cypress, Thyme Thymol & Lavender Poor stamina, lower backache, lack of motivation, inertia, low self-confidence, apprehensive anxiety
Average Customer Review: Average Review: 5
From £ 6.90
Available in: 5ml, 12ml.

Even Temper - Liver (Wood)

Roman Chamomile, Carrot, Orange & Bergamot Nervous tension, chronic stress, frustration, irritability, moodiness, resentment, mild depression
From £ 6.90
Available in: 5ml, 12ml.

Gentle Embrace - Pericardian (Fire)

Rose, Palmarosa, Bergamot & Geranium Restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, insecurity, over sensitivity, feelings of loneliness and/or rejection
From £ 15.20
Available in: 2.5ml, 5ml, 12ml.

Lucid Spirit - Heart (Fire)

Spike Lavender, Cardamon, Ginger & Rosemary cineole 1.8 Cold extremities, lack of enthusiasm, despondency, over sensitivity, extreme shyness, poor self-confidence
From £ 6.90
Available in: 5ml, 12ml.

Meridian: Complete Set of 9 Blends

The 5 ml set of pure essential oil contains 2.5 ml of Gentle Embrace The 12 ml set of pure essential oil contains 5 ml of Gentle Embrace The sets include a 10% discount
From £ 62.80
Available in: 12ml, 12ml (with box), 5ml, 5ml (with box).

Serene Focus - Spleen / Pancreas (Earth)

Frankincense, Cardamon, Lemon & Vetiver Lethargy, heavy limbs, abdominal bloating, poor concentration, mental fatigue, 'over-thinking' and worry
From £ 6.90
Available in: 5ml, 12ml, 30ml.

Smooth Transition - Large Intestine (Metal)

Cardamon, Bergamot, Lemon, Cypress & Sandalwood Lower abdominal discomfort, flatulence, melancholic, regretful, perfectionist, fear of change
From £ 7.50
Available in: 5ml, 12ml.

Vital Instinct - Lung (Metal)

Spanish Sage, Pine, Black Spruce, Clary Sage & Spikenard Devitalised, shortness of breath, bronchial catarrh, facial pallor, melancholic, pessimistic, defensive, withdrawn
From £ 9.50
Available in: 5ml, 12ml.

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