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100% certified organic ingredients

Fragrance free

Rosa canina (rosehip(, borago officinalis (borage), argana spinosa (argan), camelia sinensis (camelia), punica granatum (pomegranate), hippophae rhamnoides (sea-buckthorne)

The blend combines 6 oils packed with anit-oxidants and most suited to encourage tissue repair and cell regeneration; Argan has amazing softening and nutritive qualities. It is a free-radical scavenger and is rich in Vitamin E. It combines well with Rosehip which contributes to reducing scarring and discolouration. Pomegranage and sea buckthorne work at a deep level to rejuvenate damaged tissue and improve skin elasticity; Borage, with a high GLA content, will contribute to re-hydrate and regenerate the tissues.

To use locally over scar tissue, deep wrinkles or damaged skin. 0.5% to 1% of helichrysum essential oil can also be added if desired. Do not apply over open scars but wait until the tissues have healed.

The blend can also be used to help prevent stretch marks. Use twice a day after a bath or shower or whenever it is needed when the skin gets taut and itchy.

It would also be useful after the birth to help the tissues return to their normal shape.

Free from nut oils. Suitable for vegans - product and single ingredients have not been tested on animals

Customer Reviews

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5 Star Rating first order - 24 June 2014
Reviewer: Shirley from West Sussex
Just received my first order from you.  Very efficient service.  The tissue repair oil is wonderful and has really soothed and hydrated my skin after just one day.  Have yet to try other products but will certainly be purchasing from you again.
5 Star Rating Excellent product - 16 December 2013
Reviewer: Lilly from London
I have been using this product religiously for 6 months now, it has almost completely eradicated Rosacea and my skin (face) looks much brighter, fresher, rejuvenated and rarely breaks out in spots/blemishes.  I no longer wear tinted moisturiser or any face product so if you are brave enough to go make-up free and let this oil do what it does best I don't think you will be disappointed.  It has also proved it's worth on teenage acne -calming and healing.
5 Star Rating A wonderful skin healer - 5 November 2012
Reviewer: EP from Aberdeenshire
I have had treatment for skin cancer and the tissue repair oil has promoted such good skin healing that the consultant said how well my face had healed. There is no scarring.

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