Eucalyptus Dives

Family: Myrtaceae
Botanical name: Eucalyptus dives
Common name: Broadleaved Peppermint, ct piperitone
Planetary association: Saturn, Pluto
Chakra: Heart
Element: Metal
Colour vibration: Green and Pink
Distillation: Steam-distilled from the leaves
Colour: Clear
Aroma: Pungent with a strong aroma of peppermint
Odour notes: Top notes
Yield: 2%
Properties: anticatarrhal, antiseptic, decongestant, expectorant


Eucalyptus Dives commonly occurs in South East Australia, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney down to the Great Dividing Range, through the Snowy Mountains to Melbourne. It is a tree growing up to a height of 25 m and at an altitude of 150-1400m. Its bark is fibrous and grey-brown in colour. When crushed, its thick broadly lanceolate leaves release a strong aroma of peppermint hence its common name of ‘Broad-leaved Peppermint’.


The essential oil is produced from the steam-distillation of the aerial parts. Two chemotypes exist: one rich in cineole 1.8 (70-80%) and the other one rich in piperitone (53%). The latter is a ketone known to have strong anti-asthmatic and herbicidal properties.

Therapeutic applications ~ A powerful oil against infections of the lower respiratory tract

The oil has been used successfully with respiratory infections, especially those affecting the lower respiratory tract: bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma… The oil is centring, calming, causing you to take deep slow breaths and forcing the bronchioles to dilate.


A blend made with equal part of Eucalyptus Dives, Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) and Rosalina (Melaleuca Ericifolia) is wonderful for direct application on the chest and back of chronic bronchitis sufferers. 

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