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Konjac Sponges

From £9.75


100% konjac fibre, from the root of the Amorphallus konjac plant

  • No colouring, no additive
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Member of cruelty free and certified vegan

The natural alkalinity of the plant balances the acidity of the skin and regulates sebum secretion. The unique net like structure of the sponge gently massages the skin and stimulates blood flow and new growth of skin cells, leaving the skin soft, clean and refreshed.


Konjac is a perennial plant, native to subtropical to tropical eastern Asia, widely grown for its edible corm (tuber) in Japan, south China and Indonesia.
It is also known as konjaku potato or elephant yam for its tuber like root and its distinctive lily like flower with its elongated inner spike (spadix) earned it the folkloric names of devil's tongue and voodoo lily.

The edible tuber is made into white or black cakeskonnyaku by its japanese name, that can be grated into noddles.

The fibre of the same tuber is also processed to make face and body sponges.


To be used as part of your skincare regime

the sponges

  • are gentle enough for the delicate skin around the eyes
  • gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow
  • massage the skin whilst stimulating and encouraging cell renewal
  • deeply cleanse the pores, helping eliminate dirt, excess oil, bacteria, blackheads and blocked pores.
  • do not damage the skin surface and are not abrasive
  • are suitable for even the most hypersensitive skins due to their extra soft texture


  • Always rinse before use and fully hydrate the sponge
  • Massage the skin in small circular movements with the damp sponge
  • Rinse the sponge thouroughly after use and gently squeeze out excess water
  • Hang in a cool & ventilated area to air dry (never leave it in the shower)
  • Change your sponge every 1 to 3 months or as soon as it starts to look tired


The fibre has been blended with natural ingredients to create a face and body sponge suitable for every skin type.

  • White: Pure natural konjac for all skin types
  • Red: with added red clay for dry or mature skin
  • Pink: with added pink clay for tired, damaged or devitalised skin
  • Green: with added green clay for combination skin
  • Grey: with added bamboo charcoal for teen, oily or spot prone skin
  • Baby sponge: Suitable for all infants from birth