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Cypress, Blue

Average Review: 5

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Callistris intratropica



Therapeutically: anti-inflammatoray & anti-viral

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Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating Australian Blue Cypress Oil - 3 January 2015

Reviewer: Alison from Merseyside

This oil is so delicious I want to keep it all for myself (and certainly not tell anybody else about it). Like a lemony sandalwood set free to dance on a chamomile lawn. Yes I like it. Fantastic quality, I will certainly be trying more Materia Aromatica oils. Thank you.

5 Star Rating Very impressed - 11 September 2010

Reviewer: James from Canterbury

Thank you for my recent order, received promptly. This is the first time I have used blue cypress and am delighted with this oil. It is a beautiful blue colour and smells great, it reminds me of frankincense but with a softer woody quality  and a hint of marzipan! It can be used neat topically for warts amongst other things and it's slight viscosity makes it ideal for this type of application. This has instantly become an important part of my oil collection.