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Spruce, Black

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Picea mariana


Certified organic

2.5 ml - For a small gift in a Christmas cracker or a secrete Santa

For larger sizes

The oil is steam-distilled from the needles and branches of picea mariana. It is clear in colour. Its aroma is not typical of the resinous oils such as juniper, cypress or pine. It combines the freshness of these oils with a tenacious sweet note, which gives the oil a floral and up-lifting aroma.

Black spruce is ideal to add into any blends designed to help the respiratory tract (bronchitis, coughs, asthma). It will take the blend away from a slightly medicinal and volatile note and gives it not only a seductive, calming, fresh and fruity aroma but one that will last for many hours to come.

It is also useful in treatement of stiff joints, achy muscles and to restore depleted adrenal glands.

Pshychologically, it may be consider when there is poor self-confidence and low morale.

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