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Tea Light Making Kit

From £0.80


Makes 5 x 100% soya wax tea lights
Each tea light will last for 4 hours


5 polycarbonate tea light casings (re-usable)
5 tea light wicks
75gr soya wax
2 pipettes to measure the fragrance if needed

The casings will last and can be re-used 2 to 3 times. After that, they tend to crack.
Single ingredients to make further batches are also available.

How to:

To make unscented candles
Pour the wax into a glass jug and put over a bain-marie.
Once the wax is melted, pour into the moulds
After a few minutes, the wax will start turning cloudy. This is the time to insert the wicks. They mightn't stay straight. Reajust as the wax cools down.

To make scented candles
add 5 ml essential oil to the melted wax, stirr and pour into the moulds.
(Essential oil is not supplied with this kit)

Another way is to put 1ml of essential oil in each mould before pouring the wax into it
Although it is not the way professionals would do it, it works for small batches and allows to make candles of various scents in one single batch.
Measure 1 ml essential oil of your choice using the pipette, put into the mould, pour the melted wax not quite to the top, give a stirr with a small spoon, add enough melted wax to reach the top of the casing. Place the wicks in the moulds, adjust the stalks if needed as the candles cool down to ensure they stay in the centre.


To clean the jug, pour the execess wax into a container / plastic / paper bag to be thrown away or keep for the next batch. Wipe the jug clean with tissue before wasing it.
Do not pour melted wax down the sink.