Soap Dishes Accessories: Organic Skincare

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Round flowers - Price: £ 9.95
Oval flowers - Price: £ 8.50
Oval flower & leaf - Price: £ 8.50
Olive Wood - Price: £ 7.50
Our soap dishes and designed and made in Calstock Cornwall by potter Tania Clarke.  She uses a mixture of flowers, grasses, feathers and hand crochet doilies to create the patterns.  The flowers and grasses are gathered from local hedgerows and pressed into soft clay.  The indentations left by the plants are individually painted over. The same process is used to make the lace patterns.

Each piece is hand-made and unique as there aren't 2 identical flowers and the lace patterns vary all the times.  

We cannot guarantee the exact same pattern as shown on the pictures but you know that you will receive a dish that nobody else will have !

The small oval dishes will hold half a bar of our square soaps
The large round dishes will hold a whole square bar

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