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Single: 135 x 200 cm - Summer Weight - 300 Gr / sm - Price: £ 100.00
Double - 200 x 200 cm - Summer weight 300 Gr / sm - Price: £ 125.00
King: 225 x 220 cm - Summer Weight - 300 Gr / sq - Price: £ 140.00
Made with British wool and handcrafted in Devon.

A wool duvet offers a natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable way of sleeping.  The wool used in the Devon duvets comes from sheep bread by local farmers.  It has been processed naturally without the use of chemicals and has not been bleached.
Wool is an insulator, it breathes and repels moisture created by a night sleep.  It allows the body to regulate and balance its own temperature throughout the night, making night sweats and cold clamminess less of an issue.

Health benefits of using a wool duvet to asthma and allergy sufferers:
Wool does not provide an environment where dust mites thrive.  These tiny bugs need to absorb moisture from the air to survive.  Wool is naturally a water repellent, does not retain the humidity that can build up whilst we sleep and thus does not encourage dust mites to seek refuge in your bed.  This is good news for asthma and allergy sufferers who have a chance to get a peaceful night sleep.

Regular Care
Airing your duvet will keep it fresh and discourage the hardiest dust mites. Hang it over a banister or a clothes rail for a few hours on the day you change your bedding. On a sunny summer day, hang it outside and let the breeze blow through the fibers allowing the natural anti-bacterial properties of wool to refresh your duvet.  

Deeper Care
If a deeper clean is needed, the duvets are machine washable on a wool setting using a mild detergent kind to natural fibers. Spin dry to remove as much water as possible as wool that is too wet will not dry well.
do not tumble dry as the wool has not been chemically treated.  The fibers are  not coated with the chemical which will protect them from exposure to heat.

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