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It was certainly a cold start to 2010.  Snow, ice and cold winds were all present to greet us at the beginning of the new year and new decade.  I am not sure anybody enjoyed it very much, except the children of course, who jumped up and down when the school closed for a few days.  The temperatures seem to have mellowed a little, certainly here in Devon and I can't help but hope and look forward to a warm spring and hot summer.

To  bring forward the idea of warmth and early summer, we are introducing an oil pressed from one of the most popular summer fruits. 
Large and round, with a velvety yellow to reddish skin, a juicy soft flesh, a delicious and mouth-watering flavour, the peach brings within itself the idea of youth, revival and abundance.  Its oil, cold-pressed from the kernel, has for the skin the very same qualtities for which the fruit and the tree have been venerated for centuries.  And of course, it is organic. 

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    Peach Kernel Oil

      Prunus Persica





This small to tall tree can reach a height of 2 to 10 m.  It is a deciduous tree with long lanceolate leaves (7 to 15 cm) that grow on reddish branches.  Like many of the fruit trees, the solitary pink flowers appear before the leaves in early spring. The fruits ripen throughout the summer from July to September.  They are large and round, with a whitish or yellow flesh, a well known velvety skin and a rough, deeply furrowed seed, called a stone.  Along with cherrys, plums and apricots, peaches are stone fruits or drupes.

Peach trees are nowadays cultivated in countries with a particular edge to the climate.  They need, in order to thrive and bear fruits, cold conditions in the winter and the baking heat of the summer months.  They are mostly cultivated in China, Iran, Europe (France, England, spain and Italy), and California.



Due to its name 'persica', it was thought that the peach tree originated from Persia.  It is now believed that it originated from China, particularly the northern and westerns parts, where it has been cultivated for thousand of years.  The trees were venerated along with their flowers and fruits and mentions of them were found in texts dating back to 6th century BC.  Peaches appeared in religious rites, and their stones were placed on family altars and shrines which is not surprising as they were, at the time, a symbol of fertility.  And nowadays, the peach is still regarded as a talisman for luck, revival, abundance and protection.

Medicinally, every part of the tree and the fruit were traditionally used to cure a long list of ailments.
- It was thought that labor can be hastened by drinking tea made from the peach tree bark
- The 'meat' of the peach stone was a nineteenth century remedy for a headache.
- Various infections have been treated with peach-leaf tea including cholera, scarlet fever, typhoid and  malaria
- Leaf and bark were recommended for nervousness, headache, constipation ...



The oil, used as a carrier oil, is cold pressed from the kernel.  It is nearly clear with a pale yellow tinge to it and has a very faint odour.

Its texture is slightly reacher than almond and apricot oils. 

It has revitalizing, nourishing, regenerative and moisturizing properties.  

It is a useful oil to add to any anti-aging product to smoothe out wrinkles and encourage suppleness of the skin.  It can be blended with oils offering similar properties such as rosehip, borage, evening primrose, argan, camelia.

It is also particularly suited to sensitive skins and can be used in conjonction with calendula and coconut on  red, inflamed skins or on those suffering from eczema or psoriasis.


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The encyclopedia of folk medicine
Liquid Sunshine by Ian Kusmirek



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